Should I Help This SEO Spammer or Should He Suffer?

April 9, 2018

As the owner of a popular internet marketing blog (this one) that gets around a half million unique visitors / month, I’m used to getting all sorts of spam.

Every week I get dozens of requests to purchase links on my site (which I ignore), and every month, and we delete hundreds, possibly thousands of spammy blog comments and link drops.

But more recently I’ve been getting a different tune of spammy emails from SEO spammers, like this one asking for help with link removal:


Link Removal Request

Oh how the worm has turned…

I’m guessing their back-link profile is full of anchor-text-rich, no-followed blog comments and that Mr. Penguin doesn’t like that too much.

Seriously, what to do here – should I help out this SEO spammer or should he suffer?

Reasons to Help This SEO Spammer

  • We’ve all dropped a link with anchor text at some point in our lives. Heck I admit I’m guilty of having done this in the past, too.
  • He’s appears to be trying to clean up his act.
  • Better to take the high road and just help people out who need help.

Reason to Ignore this SEO Spammer

  • SEO spammers are the scum of the earth. They’ve given the entire SEO industry a bad name. Better if they just go bankrupt sooner rather than later for the sake of the rest of the industry.
  • The guy doesn’t even apologize for spamming my blog. Says he’s working to clean up “links that have been created on your website.” Hello! They’re links that you created!
  • The guy is clueless, still blog spamming even up to a few months ago?! (Hello, Penguin?)
  • I’ve wasted several days of my life just deleting and cleaning up comment spam in my blog comments. Why waste even more time now dealing with dozens of link removal requests.

So SEO community, what would you do in my situation? Blog owners, what are you doing when you get these link spam removal requests? I welcome your opinion in the comments! Spammy link drops will not be tolerated :)

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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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