Meet Bing Product Ads: Bing's Answer to Google PLA's


Just a few days after announcing the beta launch of Product Ads for Mobile, Microsoft has made Bing Product Ads available to all advertisers in the US. The new ad format, Bing's version of Google Product Listing Ads (soon to be replaced with Shopping Campaigns), allow advertisers to add rich images, prices and descriptions to ads appearing for e-commerce related searches across Bing and Yahoo. Here's what the new Bing Product Ads look like:

Bing Product Ads

Bing Product Ads should definitely be considered for online retailers, given that the Bing/Yahoo network accounts for 117 million retail clicks a month, or 22% of all US retail paid clicks (comScore, June 2013).

And Bing really, really wants you to use them – one of the key features is that advertisers can import right out of Google's PLAs. Alongside their launch announcement, Bing released this chart detailing their offering's superiority over Google's:

Bing Product Ads vs. Google Product Listing Ads

(Note that in fact, the only thing Bing Product Ads offer than Google PLA's don't is offer-level reporting.)

Bing Ads had been beta testing the format for several months, across hundreds of advertisers with 140 million different offers. To use their Product Ads, you must offer retail products and have at least one SKU, have a US billing address, and sell products online with a secure online checkout option. Sorry, adult advertisers, Bing isn't allowing your content at this time. Non-US advertisers may qualify, though, if a manual review finds they have a "clear US presence."

Advertisers can find a Best Practices Guide, Troubleshooting Guide and step-by-step Bing Product Ads e-book all on the Product Ads page. They've also released this short video to help you get started.

And there you have it – Bing Ads has given you every reason imaginable not to use Google PLAs, but will you be making the switch? Or will you at least add it to your PPC arsenal?

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solomon raj
Apr 01, 2014

 I think bing products may cross google ads this is sure and google has this fear from past

May 21, 2014

I run a few Google Product Listing Ad campaigns (PLA's), and I just signed up with Bing for 2 of my sites.They are considerably more expensive per click. On Google for my products, we avg $0.15 per click and we are often in position 1 or 2On Bing, in order to even get placement in position 6 we were bidding $2.00 Microsoft does not understand e-commerce as well as Google. Andrew

Feb 17, 2015

Good to see Microsoft is trying to introduce new and innovative way to put it's name in every sector.

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