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Hi, I'm Larry Kim and I've analyzed over $10 billion in paid search spend.

Wondering how to give your Quality Scores a lift, or what Quality Score even is? Curious about how WordStream works, and how I bootstrapped my way to the top? Looking for growth hacking tips to build your business? Or maybe you're curious how we churn out such awesome content here at the WordStream blog, driving over half a million page views per month? I can help!

This coming Monday, March 31, I'm hunkering down at the keyboard for what I hope is a fun and informative Ask Me Anything with What is an Ask Me Anything? It's basically an opportunity for the Internet at large to pick the brain of one person – and this time, it's me! AMAs started on Reddit but since Inbound started hosting them, they've generated a ton of interest and sparked some great conversations about inbound marketing in particular.

If you've ever wanted to ask me, "Larry, does Google make hundreds of changes to the AdWords platform every year just to confuse the hell out of us?" or even, "Larry, does your office really have Google algorithms and Quality Score calculations scrawled on every visible surface, a la John Nash?" it's your time. I know, these are the questions that keep you awake at night.

Whatever it is you need to know and think I'm the guy to tell you, stop by Inbound on Monday at 11 am Eastern (4 pm GMT, 8 am Pacific) and fire away!

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