Google AdWords Scripts for My Client Center Out of Beta

April 18, 2016

AdWords scripts for My Client Center (MCC) are now out of beta. Google mentioned this during an AdWords API workshop I attended yesterday but only just made a formal announcement. This is big news for agencies, who have been asking for the ability to run scripts across an entire MCC for a while. Previously, you could only run scripts at the account level. This is a powerful feature for automating account management.

AdWords Scripts out of beta

Introduced just a few months ago on March 11, AdWords scripts for MCC allows larger advertisers to manage changes to accounts at scale by hosting all scripts within the account and applying changes to up to 50 accounts simultaneously.

Previously, you could set up a script to run on each account in the MCC. Now you can write one script that iterates over all of your clients. Whether you have multiple accounts within one business or are an agency managing multiple clients, these scripts can make quicker work of repetitive tasks like making basic changes across accounts.

Agencies can also use this to view performance across several accounts. For example, if an agency has a client with multiple AdWords accounts, they can write a script to sum the data from each of the client’s accounts and create a report.

Once you have access, you'll be able to see a new link in your MCC dashboard called "Scripts." Inside, you'll notice it appears much the same as existing AdWords scripts.

AdWords Scripts for My Client Center

The MccApp class in AdWords scripts is the root object of the MCC API – it exposes methods for fetching and selecting accounts.

AccountSelector allows you to select accounts by limiting the number of accounts retrieved using the withlimit method, or by customer IDs using the withIDs method. You can also work on multiple clients at once with the ExecuteinParallel method, which executes a function based on the functionName on each account that the AccountSelector matches.

You can iterate through the selected accounts by using the AccountIterator's hasNext and next methods. The select method allows you to change the execution method to a client account, if needed.

MCC Scripts

You can learn more about the commands and generating reports in the Google Developers help resource.

AdWords scripts for My Client Center are definitely worth giving a shot. You can accomplish all of these tasks with the AdWords API, of course, but this is far more user-friendly (especially for less tech-savvy marketers) and massively reduces your time investment.

Have you had a chance to try out AdWords scripts in MCC? Have you been looking forward to this feature?

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