Will & Larry's Most Excellent, Totally Replicable Keyword Strategy


Keyword research can be a tedious, thankless task – especially if you aren't using the results for maximum impact. Without keyword intelligence, though, you're flying blind. How can a marketer get the greatest ROI from their time spent toiling over keywords?

More than keyword research tips, smart marketers need a comprehensive keyword strategy to guide successful SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts. We get it, you don't have time for the same old regurgitated "wisdom" you've been hearing and reading about for years.

Together, Will Critchlow, co-founder/CMO of Distilled, and I have devised an all-inclusive, totally replicable keyword strategy for search engine success – one we'll share in an exclusive webinar next Tuesday, June 17.

keyword research webinar

Not your average keyword tips

Attendees will review case studies showcasing excellent keyword strategy in action, with our expert advice on replicating these successes.

I'll expose keyword strategies that have proven insanely successful – these are the secrets that drive our own SEO, paid search, and content marketing campaigns here at WordStream.

Will is going to guide you through the mass of keyword data available to you, in order to zero in on your greatest opportunities and prioritize your efforts. He'll share shortcuts and tricks for scouring millions of possible keywords to determine the exact words and phrases you need to target to show up no matter what your potential customer searches.

keyword research

You'll discover little known yet highly effective methods for using factors like competition, search volume and searcher intent in ways your competitors wouldn't dream of.

Covering all your keyword bases

No matter what relevant query your audience searches on, your company's listing will appear.

You will find crazy-successful ways of deciphering searcher intent that will help you decide where keywords belong in your arsenal of paid and organic search weapons.

Once you have collected and analyzed keyword data, though, you need a proven strategy for best employing each one in your PPC and SEO campaigns. Will and I are going to share insider tips and tricks on using specific keywords to tap into the different conversion pathways your target market is using – and how to get in front of them again and again.

This webinar goes far beyond the strategic and delves into the tactical, with expert instruction using SEO and remarketing together to rocket beyond your competition. We'll also dive deep into using broader keywords in paid search using RLSA – and how it can impact your ROI.

This webinar is a must-attend for intermediate to advanced SEOs, paid search marketers and content marketers looking to up their game through smarter, more effective keyword strategy.

Join us Tuesday, June 17 at 11:30 am ET (3:30pm UTC) for our Proven Keyword Strategy Revealed webinar, offered exclusively by WordStream and Distilled. Register now!

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Jun 16, 2014

Thank you so much for sharing great creative resources to follow! I really appreciate it.

Jun 16, 2014

You are right we need to definately choose the best and effective keywords for the website. Choose most suitablekeywords to get good ranking on Google as well. 

Jul 13, 2014

Was this webinar recorded and can it be viewed online somewhere?

Elisa Gabbert
Jul 13, 2014

Chris, I'm trying to locate the video. In the meantime, here are the slides: http://www.slideshare.net/WordStream/2014-0617distilledword-streamprovenkeywordstrategy

Elisa Gabbert
Jul 14, 2014
Eugenio La Mesa
Jul 25, 2014

Excellent webinar with a lot of high quality content, congrats!I have a question: I like the suggestion to use the same niche keywords for both SEO and PPC, but what about the landing page of PPC?Should it be the same page of SEO or you suggest a specific landing page with the tipical landing page best practices (form, social proof, no navigational links,etc)?

Dec 04, 2014

nice read... ive learned a lot from this site and i hope to learn more in the future

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