New Google AdWords Editor Version 11 Features


AdWords Editor 11 features

AdWords Editor is still much-loved by search marketers, judging by the reaction when I suggested a year ago that Google seemed to be deprioritizing it. Now, with the release of Google AdWords Editor 11, there's even more to love!

AdWords Editor is one of Google's most popular tools, according to the search giant itself. I've questioned over the last 18 months or so why AdWords Editor seemed to be lagging so far behind the web version. In their Version 11 announcement this week, Google said this is the biggest update to the tool since it launched in 2006.  It's about time!

So let's see what's new:

Redesigned AdWords Editor Interface

Redesigned AdWords Editor 11 interface

The new AdWords interface has a clean, fresh layout with reorganized navigation options and a streamlined data view.

The new navigation layout above features:

1. The Toolbar, where you can open or add an account, download recent changes, check or post changes or view account stats.

2. The Account Tree, or Tree View, where you choose which account, campaign or ad group you want to work in.

3. The Type List (see details below).

4. Data View, where you'll find the contents of the account, campaign or ad group you've selected in the Tree View.

5. Edit Panel, where you can make edits to your row selected in Data View.

Open Multiple Account Windows & View Side by Side

This is a huge plus for marketers or agencies managing multiple accounts. With this update, you can now view and edit multiple accounts side by side, even dragging and dropping or copy/pasting from one account window into another. Yes, this even includes MCC accounts.

In addition, you can use multiple open windows to view different parts of the same account at the same time. This means you could have your keyword list open while creating your ads, for example. Just select the accounts, campaigns or ad groups and click the pop-out arrow icon.

Type Lists Improve AdWords Editor Navigation

Google added type lists to ease navigation and get rid of the need to use multiple open tabs.

AdWords Editor 11 navigation menu

Click an item in the type list to view data for the selected account, campaign, or ad group.

New Advanced Search for Filtering & Complex Searches

The new AdWords Editor Advanced Search enables you to apply multiple search criteria and save searches, as well as find and edit/remove poorly performing keywords.

Build complex searches by using the Search Builder to first search on one term, then adding on additional criteria. An option within the search menu icon allows you to view and apply filters, limiting your results to new items, edited items, items with errors, etc.

Choose 'Save current search as…' to file your searches for later use. You can also use search shortcuts like the keyword:term command to find all keywords containing a specific term.

Make More Bulk Changes & Select Multiple Items

Google made it easier to make bulk changes and assignments across multiple campaigns and ad groups with the AdWords Editor 11 updates.

Using multi-select lets you easily view and paste items into multiple campaigns or ad groups. Google offers these simple instructions for multi-select:

How to use multi-select:

  • In the tree view, use Ctrl + click (Windows) or  + click (Mac) to select multiple campaigns or ad groups.
  • Select a type in the type menu to view items from your selected campaigns or ad groups.

How to copy and paste items into multiple campaigns and ad groups:

  • Copy a set of items (e.g. keywords, ads, etc.).
  • In the tree view, use Ctrl + click (Windows) or  + click (Mac) to select multiple campaigns or ad groups.
  • Paste the items into the selected campaigns or ad groups.
  • Confirm the ad groups that you’d like to paste the items into, and click OK.

Your Shared Library lets you assign bid strategies and sitelinks across multiple campaigns and ad groups.

The Make Multiple Changes tool organizes your text into rows and columns so you can add, update or remove items in bulk. You can either type your data in directly, or copy and paste a list of changes into the tool. You can then review your changes (Google will tell you if there are errors or warnings) and confirm that you want to apply the changes. If you screwed up, you can click "Revert" to undo your bulk edits. You can also undo and redo up to 20 changes.

Download an Entire MCC Account

AdWords Editor 11 download an entire MCC

Google now allows you to download and manage entire MCC accounts in AdWords Editor, with the option to download several accounts simultaneously.

You'll also be able to see the total number of changes, errors and warnings.

Upgrade to the New Google AdWords Editor: Version 11.0

Google will continue offering support for previous versions of AdWords Editor for four months – until April 10, 2015 – after which all accounts will migrate to version 11.0.

This rollout is available to all AdWords Editor users worldwide effective now, on both PC and Mac. Upgrade today and get started! Check out Google's AdWords Editor 11 video below for an overview of the new features.


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Majid Ali Khan
Dec 13, 2014

Hi,Larry Kim,I am Using Adwords Editor 10.3 and Would say it's more comfortable on few point like given below.1.Can't Search Multiple Keywords at Once to make them paused.2.Can't Import Entire MCC at once.3.Interface is not user friendly.

Dec 14, 2014

Great Post. Keep This Interesting Posting. I really Enjoyed This Blog Post. Thanks.

AnonymousPery Pierce
Dec 15, 2014

I am seeing a problem with the search builder.  When I build a search based on cost or cost per conversion is does not funtion properly.Has anyone else reported this issue

Svetlana Stefanicki
Jan 14, 2015

Many new good features, but it is impossible to filter based on multiple criteria. In my opinion it has taken away half of its most important functionality, especially when you are working on super large accounts.

maneuver up marketing
Mar 15, 2015

So far it is a nightmare. I am relearning do I am assuming I am missing things. I can't do many things that I could do from the older version. Hopefully I will be able to figure this out. This reminds me of the Windows 8.0 update. A huge mistake. Waiting for AdWords 11.1 when they bring back some of the other functionality.

Mar 18, 2015

Hello Larry,
I have an issue. When I paste from excel a list of keywords or ads, adwordsEditor keeps skipping the import of large numbers of them.
Does it depends from duplicates? If yes how can I force it?

Thanks for this post!

Reese Garcia
May 14, 2015

Hey Valerio,

I actually ran into a similar issue today while I was working in AdWords Editor.

Double check to make sure that you aren't importing any duplicates. AdWords Editor will automatically reject duplicate content, whether it be ad or keyword. You can avoid this problem with ads by changing at least one character in one of the ad's fields.

You can avoid duplicate keywords by ensuring that similar keywords are under different match types. Note that "match type" is written as "criterion type" in AdWords Editor.

Oliver Gehrmann
Jun 13, 2015

I have just started working with the new version of AdWords editor and to say I'm disappointed doesn't even get close to how I'm actually feeling.

First of: Why did you change every single shortcut? Usually, when I update some software and every single button is now in a different place, I can at least rely on shortcuts to accomplish the things I want to do. For the AdWords editor, it's the polar opposite. "Get Recent Changes" is no longer CMD + R (which was intuitive, because that's the same shortcut you used in a browser to refresh the page), it is now CMD + Shift + T. WHY?

Post changes is no longer CMD + S (like "save"), it's now CMD + P (print, anybody?).

The list goes on. The most annoying change is that you can no longer cycle through the campaign / ad group / keyword / ad settings by using CMD + 1 ... CMD + 5. No, you now need to use shortcuts that consist of 2 keystroke combinations (first you need to use CMD + G and THEN "T" for text ads, etc.). I have never in my life seen "shortcuts" that consist of keystroke combinations that need to be entered one after another.

Overall, this program is the polar opposite of being user friendly and it's a kick to the groin for every longtime user of the software. I now understand why the old version didn't automatically deinstall itself; it's so you can continue using the version that actually "worked" and "got the job done". Forcing people to adapt to the new version is basically like Microsoft forcing people Vista down their throats. If I wouldn't know better, my best guess would be that Microsoft did in fact develop this software...

Jul 22, 2015

I'm not a fan of the new editor either.

I just attempted to 'check changes' on a new AdGroup I created and it came back telling me it's an invalid AdGroup name! What the hell?! The AdGroup name has absolutely nothing to do with anything - it's a name for my description purposes only. No reason for being invalid was given and it turns out I'm not allowed a space. A SPACE! Why can't I have a space??? My other AdGroups have spaces in their names and I'm sure the online interface will let me change it, which I can then download again to be perfectly accepted from then on.

And what happened to the KeyWord Grouping tool? The old Editor had a tool that could suggest keyword groups so I could create more meaningful ads and thus improve my quality score. That little helper is no longer available.

I also dislike needing to change tabs if I wish to bulk edit ads by making changes to both the display url and the final urls. The now obsolete destination url is still on the tab with the headline, description lines and display url, but the final url and final mobile url requires a tab change before they can be altered. That's not an upgrade.

This Doesnt Work
Aug 17, 2015

My Editor keeps saying that my ads are invalid even though they are running in AdWords. And I can't select budget optimizer for anything. All kinds of errors are popping up though everything is fine in AdWords.

Dec 31, 2015

Is there a way to save a layout for use with all campaign?
I'm trying to avoid tediously re-arranging columns in each campaign.
Will these changes be lost when I close the program?

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