Customer Spotlight: Quick Mobile Fix

August 7, 2019

Sharing our PPC knowledge is a big part of what we do here at WordStream, but there’s no substitute for learning from real-world examples.

It’s one thing to read about PPC at the WordStream blog or learn some new techniques in one of our webinars, but it’s another thing entirely to see how a company applies this knowledge to their own paid search campaigns. That’s exactly what we’ll be sharing with you as part of our brand-new Customer Spotlight series.

This week we are thrilled to feature Quick Mobile Fix, a fast-growing company that offers mobile device repair and related services.

Read on to hear their success story...

Tell us a little about you and your company.

My name is Sean Barber, and I’m the Marketing Manager here at Quick Mobile Fix. I oversee everything marketing-related, including social media management, business development, SEO, search engine advertising and all other advertising campaigns.

Quick Mobile Fix repairs mobile devices and offers many additional mobile device related services. We are based in Greater London, England but operate mainly across the UK and even across Europe on the odd occasion.

Since launching last July, we have extended our services and team massively and business has continued to grow. We have worked alongside a number of different national companies and have opened up a walk-in center based at our head office in Greater London.

WordStream QuickMobile Customer Spotlight

Our USP's include our courtesy phone service, which is affordable and ensures customers never go without a phone using our service, plus we offer free postage both ways and a 1-year warranty on most repairs.

Aside from these factors, we only use Grade A parts to ensure the best possible repair and have a very easy-to-use website, which was confirmed when we won a Web User Magazine Best New Website Award last year.

Quick Mobile Fix is a small company, which has a larger parent company and has around 11 to 50 members of staff at any given time.

For more information, please check out www.quickmobilefix.com or follow us on Twitter @QuickMobileFix

Share your paid search success story. This can be with WordStream, AdWords, or both! Feel free to include any tips and tricks that you’ve tried in your campaigns which led to your success.

After working with WordStream we have so far managed to improve all elements of our AdWords campaigns. This includes improving our quality score by adding in relevant keywords, URL’s and extensions. Overall, we have lowered our spending by knowing how much we need to spend on AdWords to be on page 1, and it has enabled us to stop overspending on certain keywords.

Apart from saving us money, it has really saved us time in updating our AdWords account. The 20-Minute Work Week is a great idea and means you can really update your whole WordStream account in quick time but also WordStream makes day-to-day changes easier and quicker to complete.

And finally, WordStream has helped us find relevant keywords so we can expand and improve the overall campaign, meaning we don’t spend so much on the main keywords. And of course, more clicks + less spend = more income.

Can you describe your AdWords management strategy? How do you set your campaign objectives, and how do you know what’s realistic or not? What about your AdWords management workflow? When you’re doing your account optimization work, how do you decide what to do next? How do you prioritize your work?

Currently with AdWords I use a day-by-day strategy; every day I monitor how we are doing, comparing clicks to sales and sales to revenue, and I then decide when I should cut off spending for that particular day and monitor the competition.

For me, each day is a new campaign. In our industry we know which days are more popular and when we should be spending more and which days we can spend less, so we change our campaign targets based on these factors, which I have learnt from months of analyzing the results.

When optimizing my account, I decide what I’m doing based on results and which campaigns/ad groups need working on; if they are underperforming I will usually act on these first.

I prioritize by analyzing the data coming through about website hits and sales and then decide which parts of the overall campaign need the most work.

What’s your favorite WordStream tool?

For me it’s the Pg#1 CPC Column. This helps us determine what price we need to pay to ensure we are on page 1 for our keywords.

How has WordStream saved you time? Have you seen your business grow since using WordStream?

WordStream has really helped our Google AdWords campaign. Once you get a grip with the program it makes time-consuming tasks turn into quick and easy jobs. As a new online company our online presence is everything so it’s vital we are on top of all our keyword searches, which this program helps us achieve.

Do you have any specific stories to share about ways your Customer Success Representative has helped you succeed?

Our customer success rep Francine is really helpful and knowledgeable; she has taught me many new tips and tricks and helped me understand how the WordStream system works and all the ins and outs involved. There’s no particular story, she’s just great at teaching me shortcuts and new tricks.

Thanks, Sean! 

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