WordStream Beats Bing in Super Bowl Smackdown

September 26, 2017

It was a wager that almost had to happen.

A couple of weeks before the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, WordStream entered into a friendly bet with Bing. With Bing based in Washington and WordStream based in Boston, it was as if fate itself had intervened.

The bet itself was simple. Representatives of each company agreed to proudly wear the opposing team’s colors, depending on who ultimately won Super Bowl XLIX. If the Seahawks won, Larry and I would wear Seahawks jerseys for the day, and vice versa.

Larry and I represented WordStream in the wager. Our opponents – Matt Lydon, Microsoft’s VP of Global Search Advertising and Online, Peter Becker, Sr. Partner Account Manager at Bing, and Stacey Helman, Bing’s Global Channel Development Lead – were pinning their hopes on the Seahawks.

Just days before kick-off, I received an email from Matt Lydon, with this picture attached:


Bing Matt Lydon Seahawks fan

Obviously he was confident of a win for the Seahawks. Michael Lessard, one of WordStream’s Senior Sales Representatives, asked, “Did that guy just go to a souvenir stand and say ‘I’d like to buy everything!’”

I haven’t heard back from Matt about whether this was the case or not. However, we all know what happened next.

Despite a spirited performance, the Seahawks ultimately lost to the New England Patriots 28 - 24 (I’ll spare Bing and other Seahawks supporters any further embarrassment by not mentioning that play).

Our friends at Bing were good sports, and were more than happy to wear the New England Patriots gear we sent to them. Just look at the sportsmanship on show in this picture:


Bing team wearing New England Patriots jerseys

Peter Becker (left), Matt Lydon (center) and Stacey Helman (right) showing grace in the face of defeat at Bing

As you’d expect from any sporting wager, there was plenty of smack talk exchanged before the big game. These playful jibes were often interspersed with jokes about deflated balls, which again, is precisely what this bet demanded.

All jokes aside, this wager was personal for me. I’m a life-long Patriots fan (I’ve been fortunate enough to hold season tickets since 1992 and have attended the vast majority of their games), and I was thrilled to see the Pats take home the title. Of course, I was also delighted to see our friends at Bing wearing the glorious navy jerseys you see in the image above.

All in all, it was an incredible game and a lot of fun. To our friends at Bing – bravo, and well played. If the Patriots had the best running back in the NFL, and Bill Belichick had made a call that like that, I’m not sure Larry and I could have displayed as much grace and finesse in defeat as Peter, Matt, and Stacey.


Pete Carroll coffee meme

I can’t wait until next year! Go Pats!

Ralph Folz

Ralph Folz

Ralph Folz is WordStream's Executive Chairman, responsible for developing WordStream's product and business direction as well as playing a key role in business development.

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