Celebrate International #CRODay with WordStream

April 9, 2018



This Thursday, April 9, marketers will come together online and in locations around the globe for a 24-hour marathon of CRO training and education, provided by the industry's top experts.

Across ten time zones, 32 different online events involving 40 companies and 54 speakers are open to global participants, free of charge, as part of the #CRODay festivities organized by Unbounce.

Here are a few of the awesome #CRODay events to get into your calendar:

WordStream & HubSpot Present 10 Unconventional, Proven, Data-Backed CRO Hacks

April 9 at 3 pm Eastern, join me, Larry Kim, with HubSpot Psychologist Lanya Olmsted as we take a deep dive into 10 little-known CRO hacks that can make major improvements in your campaigns.


Conversion Rate Optimization Day

We're not talking about small optimizations that beget small results. Using our own proven data and the results of real, large-scale campaigns, Lanya and I will demonstrate 10 CRO hacks you're going to want to try as soon as the webinar is over. The best CRO strategy is backed by real data – we're giving away the insights from ours to get you on the right track.

Now, we know there's a ton of amazing stuff happening in honor of #CRODay, so don't worry – if you're busy at 3 pm on Thursday, you'll receive a link to the on-demand version of the webinar as long as you've registered here in advance.

Inbound.org AMA: We Are Conversion Rate Optimization Experts, Ask Us Anything!

I'll also be participating in a special AMA (Ask Me Anything) session hosted by our friends at Inbound.org, and you can start posting your questions now!

All day on April 9, a panel of CRO experts (including me) will be answering your questions about conversion rates and testing. I'll be joined by experts including Oli Gardner, Joel Klettke, Paul Shapiro, Joanna Wiebe and lots more. Head over there now and hit us with your toughest questions!

Choose from Over a Dozen Expertise-Packed #CRODay Hangouts

Those seeking advice and tips on specific CRO challenges might find just what they're looking for in the Hangouts lineup for #CRODay. Hangouts run throughout the day and cover a wide range of CRO issues including:

  • Triple Your Ecommerce Sales & Leads: with Alex Harris
  • How to Convert More Customers Using Consumer Psychology: with Talia Wolf, Andre Morys, Jeremy Smith, Bart Schutz and Angie Schottmuller
  • How to Write Amazing Website Copy That Inspires Action: with John Bonini and Andy Crestodina
  • How to Get Early Traction for Your Startup: with Tommy Walker, Morgan Brown, Len Markidan and Lance Jones
  • How to Convert Free Trials Into Paying Customers: Kyle Racki

See the full lineup under Schedule on the #CRODay website.

Join a Real-World #CRODay Event in Cities Around the Globe


International CRO Day

If you're able to get together with your fellow CRO geeks in person this Thursday, go for it!

There are #CRODay events happening in Toronto, Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada; in Sri Lanka, Australia, the Netherlands, and China; and in American cities including Cleveland, Costa Mesa, Austin and more.

In some cases, #CRODay events are hosted by companies like Unbounce, the organizers of all the #CRODay festivities, who are inviting everyone to join them at their headquarters. Others are hosted by organizations, like Digital Marketers of Sri Lanka, who are hosting a #CRODay event in Colombo.

See the full lineup on the Schedule page and filter down to Meetups to see if there's one happening in your area.

Check out all of the #CRODay events on the website and register for your sessions to reserve your spot today!


Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.