New Automated Bidding Rules Feature Now Available In Bing Ads

May 16, 2016

It’s happening, folks – Bing Ads is slowly but surely creeping up on AdWords and adding in powerful tools that are starting to give advertisers the same robust experience that they are used to with Google. In fact, certain elements of the Bing Ads’ advertising platform are already a step ahead of AdWords – for instance, ad group–level bid adjustments for location and demographics, a feature only possible on the campaign level in AdWords. 

Part of our mission at WordStream is to make sure we keep up with all the changes happening in search and let you know as soon as they happen (like the new Keyword Planner layout we noticed last month). This brings us to the new feature you can now see in Bing Ads, an “Automate” drop down menu that allows you to create rules for automatic bidding based on things like estimated top of page bid and estimated first page bid. 

bing ads automation

The new menu now lets you adjust your bids automatically across all levels of your account, which includes your campaign, ad groups, keywords and ads. Each vertical presents a unique menu of options that are relative to how deep you are in your account. Here is a comparison picture of all the drop-down functionality now available.

bing ads create rule

I think most seasoned SEM professionals can see the possibilities now available within Bing to customize and tailor your ads and strategy even further. This automation across levels of an account is also great to see as new concepts of ad management get more traction.

On a deeper level the functionality of the automate feature gives you a spread of options to work with. For instance, below I have selected the option to create a new rule to increase to estimated top of page bid. There is an option to select what my rule will apply to (all keywords, selected keywords, etc.) as well as a “when” trigger that can be almost any element of my campaign like a CTR or Quality Score metric that is above, under or equal to my liking. There is even an option to email the results.

Bing Ads rules

In the next example I have created a rule to change the budget across all my campaigns in my account by 20% when my CPA becomes or is less than $20 on a daily basis using same-day data with a max budget of $500. I even opted to get the results emailed to me every time the rule runs. Search engine marketing can’t be this easy.

bing ads automated billing

Overall this is a step in the right direction. Creating automatic bid adjustments and settings across an entire account is a powerful way to get the results you want and save a lot of time! Combining logical automations could then help you focus on other elements of the account and advance your optimization. It also serves as insurance against changes in the account you can’t monitor 24/7 – setting up automatic bid adjustments when it matters, and in increments that matter, when you are not available to catch all the activity.

Do you expect to use this feature now that it’s available? What are some of the methods, strategies or uses you can see for yourself? Do you think this is going to help you advertise online via Bing? Let us know what you think!

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