Customer Spotlight: How Tradavo Drastically Increased Conversions

April 1, 2018

Did you know there’s a unique science behind the organization of products on the shelf at Whole Foods? And that free samples and special offers are placed strategically along your shopping journey to persuade you to buy more?

This is one of the many services WordStream client Tradavo provides. With over 15,000 consumer products including wholesale food & beverages, their easy-to-use channel allows retailers to browse and purchase with direct door-to-door delivery, as well as take advantage of Tradavo’s Designer and Retail Specialists to create optimal merchandising layouts.


Tradavo has seen remarkable growth since their start in 2006, but when their relationship with a third-party SEM agency fell through due to the company going out of business, they faced some major marketing challenges. “We made the strategic decision to move all SEM efforts in house and manage them on the WordStream platform,” says Brittany Estes, Tradavo’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

They’d lost their data and needed to start from scratch with PPC – how was Tradavo able to survive? Well, they’ve not only survived but thrived. Let’s dive into all the ways Tradavo has been able to grow their PPC efforts since coming onboard with WordStream.

Getting PPC and Conversions On Track

The agency Brittany was previously working with recommended Tradavo go with WordStream as an alternative. “After doing some research and reading reviews about WordStream we decided to give it a try.” Says Brittany. “We are extremely happy with the tool and service.”

In the last month alone, Tradavo converted 71 customers through PPC; it previously took them 5 months to get that many conversions! “Using the 20-minute work week, I got a better understanding of which ads I need to improve and which keywords I should add or remove to maximize ROI,” says Brittany. Over the past month Tradavo’s WholeSale Ice Cream ad group converted 61 customers at a cost-per-conversion of only $3.58! One of their ads garnered 27 conversions alone.


Taking Campaign Structure from Mess to Masterpiece

You might be wondering how these conversions came in so quickly? Well, it didn’t happen overnight, but WordStream definitely helped speed up and improve their conversion rate after a tough transition. Specifically, working with the WordStream support team has been truly game-changing for Tradavo.

“When we first joined WordStream our account was a mess!” says Brittany. “I relied on the expertise of my Customer Success Specialist, Navah Hopkins, for advice on setting campaign objectives.” Right off the bat Navah helped Brittany restructure her account. “It had no structure or ad groups associated with campaigns, it was simply match types and keywords.” Brittany and Navah worked together to run two campaigns side-by-side, an older one and a new one they set up with much more structure and relevancy.

“After running the campaigns for 30 days it was clear to see that the new one Navah helped me set up was exceeding the old one.” The new campaign had 1,281 more clicks with 13 more conversions! Subsequently Brittany decided to pause the underperforming campaign, and has continued to see impressive results.

Optimizing for Real Searches with QueryStream

As marketers, we’re always told to put our customers first. How many times have you heard someone preach, “Put yourself in the shoes of your target consumer.” But you rarely do this! You’re too caught up in your own head of what you personally think will resonate. With search, this doesn’t work! If you’re just bidding on keywords from your own perspective you’re going to be choosing a lot of the wrong keywords that don’t match up with your searcher’s intent.

This is what makes WordStream’s QueryStream tool so powerful. QueryStream shows you what people are actually typing into Google to make your ads appear. Then you’re able to take action on these keywords by setting irrelevant searches as negative keywords (to save money), and by adding relevant keywords to ad groups to bid on (expanding reach), or even creating a new ad group around a keyword theme.


“My favorite feature is QueryStream because it helps me get a better understanding of what customers are searching for and provides insights on which keywords I should be adding to my campaigns,” says Brittany. 

Margot Whitney

Margot Whitney

Margot is a content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham State. She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking.

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