Join Me & Harness the Awesome Power of Identity-Based Marketing at #SEJSummit

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Join Me & Harness the Awesome Power of Identity-Based Marketing at #SEJSummit

April 9, 2018
Marketing Ideas


Wednesday, September 16, join us for the sixth SEJ Summit at Manhattan NYC Hotel in New York. As part of this epic one-day, information-packed conference, I’ll be speaking about the most important trend in PPC today: identity or people-based marketing.

What is Identity-Based Marketing & Why Does It Matter?

Back in the day, we thought we could get pretty specific with audience segmentation across TV, radio and print using demographics and location data. With the advent of the Internet, we learned that we could reach people across dozens or even hundreds of sites (and eventually thousands, through ad networks), with interest and eventually, behavior targeting.

Our targeting options became increasingly diverse and more powerful as technology caught up with the volume and breadth of the data people are sharing online. Even so, much of our online ad targeting has historically been based on whatever we could infer about a group of users from their online activity. Their participation in a certain group might tell you they have an interest in classic cars; their use of specific keywords might tell you they have an interest in baking supplies.

Today, social and display offer the ability to target with near-surgical precision, with ads tailored for conversion using data like emails and even phone numbers.


SEJ Summit marketing techniques

Identity-based marketing empowers companies to speak directly to consumers with highly personalized, timely and relevant messaging. I’m going to share real use cases, as well as tips and tricks you can put into practice today to tap into this super powerful marketing trend.

SEJ Summit New York Promises Actionable Marketing Info for Big Brands

Brands and enterprise marketers tend to appreciate SEJ Summit’s one-day, short session format. There are no pitches or sponsored content to contend with — just expert advice in an easy to assimilate format.

Other speakers this year include Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal, who will share 6 creative ways to extend the life of your content. AimClear’s Daniel Morrison will present his 4 Red Hot Social Marketing Hacks to Crush in 2015, while AJ Mihalic from Merkle will take a deep dive into SEO reporting for enterprises and specifically the two areas of focus that matter most.

Check out the full lineup on the #SEJSummit website and get your tickets now to avoid disappointment! I hope to see you there — reach out to me on Twitter if you’d like to connect.


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Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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