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The PPC Success Report, Now with Bing Ads Reporting

Author: Joe Kimball
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The PPC Success Report, Now with Bing Ads Reporting

August 7, 2019
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In 2013, we created the PPC Success Report to help our customers report on their AdWords performance. Since then, the reports have evolved to include additional sections, improved analysis and sharing. As of September 1, the Success Report has taken another step forward with the addition of Bing Ads data.

About 30% of our WordStream Advisor customers advertise with Bing and look to us for an easy and integrated reporting solution. We don’t like to disappoint, so we built from our existing AdWords Success Report and expanded its scope. For users who advertise with Bing, we have added 14 unique metrics spanning 4 new sections. For the first time, users can compare their AdWords and Bing performance side-by-side and 1-to-1.

Like what you’re hearing? Getting excited already? I sure hope so, because if I’m the only one…awkward. Now let’s talk shop and walk through these new sections.

Search Performance Funnel

bing ads reporting

This section focuses on top-level metrics like cost, impressions, clicks and converted clicks. See an easy-to-understand infographic funnel showing you what you get for the PPC dollars you spend on both AdWords and Bing Ads. Below the funnel see your click-through rate, conversion rate and all-important cost per acquisition. Add to this some WordStream analysis specific to your account and you have a great quick check on your account’s performance.

Account Health and Trends

Bing Account Health

This section focuses mainly on how your account is performing over time and analyzes trends. First you will see a breakdown of your Quality Score followed by more WordStream analysis. After that you will see 4 trend graphs showing your performance over the past 6 months. The trends explore CTR, total cost, average cost per click and cost per acquisition.

bing ads data



bing advertising data


We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: PPC is a marathon, not a sprint. It is vital to your accounts success that you stay active to keep up with the competition. This section breaks down and analyzes your actions over the past month, including ad text and keyword optimizations.

Bing Ads Account Report

Top Performers

Seeing your top performing keywords and ads is not only encouraging, but it highlights success that you can build off of. Are certain types of keywords or ads performing well for you? Duplicate these styles and concepts to grow your success. We display a fun wordcloud of you best-performing Bing keywords followed up by more key stats and analysis. Next see one of your top performing ads with more relevant metrics.

bing ads keywords

Editing the Success Report

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and you may find yourself wanting to modify our analysis or show/hide some of the content on the report. All of the edit functionality found on our AdWords Success Report will remain in the new Bing Ads report. You can show/hide any section and modify any analysis to your liking. With the addition of Bing data you now also have a toggle switch to turn Bing data on/off.

reporting for bing ads

Try it Out!

If you are a WordStream customer already, log into your account now to see the new improvements. If you aren’t a customer yet, try a free trial of WordStream Advisor and explore everything we have to offer!

P.S. Beta Testing for PPC Reports

We are currently investing heavily in our reporting functionality and have a lot going on behind the scenes. If you would like to be involved in the beta testing of the new features we are developing, please send me an email.


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