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4 PPC Lessons One Healthcare Company Learned Using WordStream

Author: Margot Whitney
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4 PPC Lessons One Healthcare Company Learned Using WordStream

December 22, 2018
Customer Spotlight


When you’re sick you want to be one place and one place only: at home. This is obvious, but we often end up in some weird-smelling hospital bed staring at the grumpy stranger who’s become a forced roommate.

Residential Home Health has addressed this issue head on. Serving as the national leader of in-home nursing and therapy care for seniors in both Michigan and Illinois, Residential Home Health helps patients “live better, recover faster, experience a higher quality of life and remain independent at home,” says Dreu Adams, Manager of Strategic Outreach.

Adams is focused on driving traffic to the website and leads to the call center, resulting in patient admissions (i.e. conversions). In 2010, he turned to a contractor to oversee their paid search to help reach these goals. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived relationship, ending after a three-month stint that didn’t generate revenue. This resulted in Residential Home Health’s leadership board ruling PPC out of the marketing mix for the business.

But that all changed when Adams learned about WordStream in 2014.

“After listening to Larry Kim at Inbound 2014, I was encouraged that I might be able to harness WordStream and finally wrangle PPC into our digital marketing strategy as a significant contributor to our lead generation strategy,” says Dreu.

So, he did just that, and the amount of wisdom he gained has proven to be well-worth it. “Our leads and subsequent conversions have drastically spiked in the last two months as we’ve launched our PPC campaigns through WordStream,” he says. “We’re able to attribute a significant amount of our growth to our PPC activity, and we’re on track to more than double the volume of online lead generation over all of 2014 in the next six months.”

Check out the 4 PPC lessons Dreu learned as a WordStream customer.

Home Health Infographic

#1: Start Small

When it came on-board with WordStream, Residential Home Health’s account structure looked like a college kid’s dorm room. It was a complete disaster. Luckily, Dreu was able to work with his WordStream Customer Success Specialist, Navah Hopkins, to get things back on track.

His advice to you: start small and test! “Effectively starting from scratch, we arrived at an account structure that made sense for ease of management and scalability,” says Dreu. “Launching with a small budget targeting just one county in Michigan, we set out to prove our structure. Although the data set was small, it helped acquire actionable data over the course of our first month.”

So, don’t just dive in with a huge budget and an intricate account structure. Rather test a small set of your account with a small budget to see what works before throwing your money into a black hole.

#2: Automate to Save Time

The time-saving and optimization help that WordStream Advisor has provided Dreu is one of the main reasons he feels successful results have been gained with paid search.

“The initial time-savings is realized quickly as I work through the suggestions of the 20-Minute Work Week,” says Dreu. “Regardless of the way I work in WordStream, I feel the level of simplification provided by the tool as compared to working directly within AdWords or Bing is a huge advantage for individuals who are just getting started.”

#3: Find a Consultant You Can Trust

The value of another set of eyes on your PPC accounts should never be overlooked, especially when those eyes belong to someone with quality experience working in the trenches of PPC. Every WordStream client is paired with a dedicated customer success specialist to provide this assistance.

“Navah brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight to each of our consulting sessions. As a new pay-per-click administrator, it’s easy to focus too closely on specific details and make adjustments to the account too early,” says Dreu. “She has been instrumental in coaching up my understanding of our data over time.”

#4: Be Patient

Residential Home Health’s CPA has gone down by roughly 50%, from $718.47 to $315.37 over the previous month. “We’re getting more converted clicks at a lower cost, which means we’re getting more bang for our buck,” says Dreu.

But remember: it took Dreu time and assistance to perfect his healthcare PPC strategy. “PPC optimization and management is a marathon not a sprint,” says Dreu. Be patient, results will arrive if you’re meticulous and give it time.


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