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March 31, 2018

As apple picking season comes to a close, it’s time for us to bask in the final moments where consuming pumpkin for all three meals is acceptable. Also, who doesn’t love dressing up or at least dressing their kid up in a Frankenstein costume (and let’s not forget free candy)? As we scare October away, let’s review the top 10 most popular WordStream blog posts of the month.


#1: New AdWords Customer Match Beats Out Facebook Audience Match Rate

Customer Match, announced by Google at the end of September, took AdWords advertisers to an entirely new level of excitement. For those of you unfamiliar Customer Match essentially allows you to target specific people, similar to email marketing, by uploading a list of emails to show your ads to (rather than targeting to strangers with keywords). Facebook and Twitter already have similar functionality. In this post, WordStream Founder Larry Kim set out to test the accuracy of customer match by uploading the same list of 357,000 customer emails to AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter. Read on to see which platforms match rate was the highest.

#2: 10 Remarketing Facts to Make Your Rethink Your Entire PPC Strategy

In this post, Larry blogs about one of his favorite marketing topics, remarketing! Larry loves remarketing so much that he spend over $500,000 on remarketing ads in one year alone. Larry shares everything he’s learned from remarketing since 2012, including why the “creep factor” is ridiculously overblown to how you can use remarketing as a powerful CRO tool. If you’re on the fence about remarketing or struggling to gain effectiveness from it, this is the perfect post for you.


#3: Buffer Lost HALF Its Social Media Traffic This Year! But What Does It Mean?

Man, oh man is Larry on a roll! Sometimes I’m perplexed (and impressed) by his multi-tasking abilities. Buffer is known as being a member of the top 1% (i.e. unicorn status, according to Larry) when it comes to social media thought leadership. With a massive following, the internet was shocked when Buffer author Kevin Lee announce that the platform’s lost half its social media referral traffic over the last year. But why did this happen? Larry has his theories - read on to find out why Buffer may be failing to hit traffic milestones.

#4: 8 Super-Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats Revealed at SMX East

SMX events, otherwise knowns as the world’s largest gatherings of search engine marketers, never cease to impress. SMX East took place in the city that never sleep, NYC, and I was lucky enough to attend, and collect a long list of fascinating statistics and takeaways. Check out the top 8 stats and takeaways to fuel your efforts this fall.


#5: The Rise of Ad Blockers: Should Advertisers Be Panicking? (!!)

Have you seen the movie, The Strangers? I couldn’t sleep for weeks post viewing, but ad blockers might be scarier for those in the paid ads space. When Apple announced that iOS9 would now support ad blocking technology, most marketers broke into an uncontrollable sweat. Deep breathes, deep breathes, WordStream’s Dan Shewan has the full scoop on whether or not this announcement is worth losing sleep over.  

#6: 5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook receives 22 billion ad clicks per year? Not the mention their user population is larger than China (the largest country). In this post yours truly walks you through the top 5 reasons you absolutely need to hop on the Facebook advertising bandwagon. When the leads and conversions start flooding in you won’t regret it! Not convinced? Read the post and let me know if I’ve swayed you.


#7: 11 Unbelievably Specific Facebook Audiences You Can Target

I wasn’t quite sure of the outcome when approaching this post, but it turned out to be a fascinating research experience. This is likely due to the fact that Facebook’s level of targeting can dive incredibly deep, with everything from “life events” to “mom personas” (think “fit moms” and “city moms”). Check out the niche audience I created using the massive amount of targeting options Facebook has to offer.

#8: 3 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Leverage PPC for Facebook Ads

Facebook has clearly been top of mind this month. In this post I explored how you can take what you already know from your paid search campaigns and apply it to Facebook ads. This posts covers everything from why Facebook is the best place to start when advertising on social, why paying to play is necessary, how much to spend, and 3 hacks to leverage ppc data and apply it to your Facebook advertising strategy. These hacks are guaranteed to blow your mind!

#9: How Dopamine Can 3X Your AdWords CTR

You’re likely familiar with the “Kim Kardashian of molecules” dopamine. This rush of euphoria is a major factor in decision making. It can even play affect into the likelihood of someone clicking your ad and visiting your website. In this post I dived into the human brain to understand how marketers can leverage what we know about dopamine to 3X AdWords CTR’s. I also included 2 AdWords CTR dopamine hacks that are guaranteed to work wonders on your CTR’s.


#10: AdWords Geo Customizers Can Cut Your CPA in Half – Here’s How

This post written by Senior Paid Search Strategist, Nick D’Amato, takes a dive into one of Google’s newest betas, geo customizers. Geo customizers work similar to ad customizers by dynamically updating your ad with geo-specific information tailored to a searcher’s location or location of interest. Since Nick is in the weeds of PPC day in and day out he was able to test this beta on a client account, and the results were astounding. Check out the wonders these babies worked for Nick’s client, POP Yachts.

Margot Whitney

Margot Whitney

Margot is a content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham State. She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking.

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