WordStream’s Best of the Month: December

June 14, 2019

I was going to open this post with an enthusiastic “Happy New Year!”, but since you may be reading this post with a monstrous hangover, all I’ll say is that I hope you had a great night last night, and that most of the common hangover cures you’re familiar with don’t actually work.


WordStream's best blog posts December

Although we were all very excited to see which of our blog posts had performed the best during the course of 2015 (cue that awkward period of several weeks when we forget to type/write “2016” and write “2015” instead), we were just as enthused to look back at our content from December to see what posts resonated with you all in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Enjoy! (And don’t forget to drink plenty of water).

1. 8 Super Creative, Crazy Effective Display Ad Ideas

Erin’s post about how to get more mileage out of your Display campaigns with funky fresh ad creative was our most popular post from last month. Far too many advertisers are content to pay for impressions for outdated, stale display ads, when revamping them could create lucrative new opportunities. From wry jokes to somewhat more risqué concepts, follow the suggestions in Erin’s post to breathe new life into your display ads and get more bang for your buck.

Display ads Instagram

2. Should I Use AdWords? Tips for Every Industry/Business Model

There are almost as many misconceptions and outright myths about the effectiveness of AdWords as there are about hangover remedies. Some businesses are flat-out convinced that AdWords “won’t work for them,” yet in all but a tiny fraction of cases, this simply isn’t true. That’s why Margot set out to prove that AdWords can work for (virtually) every industry and business model in our second-most popular post from December. If you’re on the fence about whether AdWords is a viable marketing strategy for your business, read on.

Google retail shopping index

3. 3 Cool New Keyword Tools for Generating Content Ideas

Coming up with fresh, relevant ideas for your blog on a consistent basis is a challenge for even the most seasoned content veterans, which is why Elisa’s post on new keyword tools that will help you brainstorm new content topics was our third-most popular post of December. Some of these tools are genuinely really exciting, so if you’re planning your editorial calendar for the month (or quarter, if you’re feeling heroic/desperate), be sure to check them out.


visual keyword tool

4. The Ultimate Guide to Google Maps Marketing

Ever used your mobile device to find out a business’ opening hours or phone number? So have countless millions of other people, which is why Google Maps marketing is so important, especially for smaller businesses. However, getting started with Google Maps marketing can be tricky, as there are a lot of elements to consider, many of which are often overlooked by those new to this marketing strategy. Check out my ultimate guide to Google Maps marketing to nail down the basics, then learn how to optimize your listing for maximum visibility.


Google Maps marketing dentists Beverly Hills

5. New Data Proves Facebook Ads Lift Search ROI

For many digital marketers, the worlds of paid search and paid social are two entirely different animals, and beyond budget allocation and some creative considerations, the two seldom meet. However, in this post, Larry explains how Facebook ads can actually help drive higher search referral volume. There’s some fascinating data behind this concept, so if you’re running search and social campaigns (and especially if you aren’t), be sure to read this post to see how paid social can benefit your search ROI.

Facebook ads lift search ROI

6. 23 Brilliant Marketing Quotes You’ll Wish You’d Said

To be brutally honest (in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and all), I’m generally not a big fan of quotes on the Internet. They almost always remind me of that Demotivator poster about slogans about winning, but sometimes, there’s a lot to be learned from snappy, memorable quotes. In this post, I collected 23 of my personal favorite quotes about digital marketing from some of the industry’s best-known names.


Marketing quotes Jim Kukral

7. How to Create Amazing Ads for Facebook and Twitter

At WordStream, we talk a great deal about optimizing paid social ads, the value of advertising on Facebook and Twitter, and how to incorporate paid social into a wider digital marketing strategy. For many advertisers, however, actually creating the ads themselves is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. In this excellent, thoroughly comprehensive guide, Brett McHale goes over every single step you’ll need to complete in order to create visually striking, engaging ads for your Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns. Essential reading for those new to paid social.


How to create Facebook ads Facebook carousel example

8. The WordStream Guide to Product Marketing: Making People Want What You Sell

Product marketing is crucial to so many businesses, but to the uninitiated, it’s actually a lot more complex than you might think. In this post, I go into detail about what product marketing actually is, the elements of a successful product marketing pipeline and campaign, and what even the smallest business can learn from worldwide corporations like Coca-Cola.


Product marketing distribution channels

9. What Happens on the Internet in One Minute?

For some of us, life before the Internet was a happier, simpler time viewed through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, but even in today’s increasingly tech-savvy society, it’s easy to take for granted just how impressive the Internet actually is and how radically it has changed our lives. In this fascinating post, Larry looks at 15 mind-blowing statistics about what happens online in just 60 seconds, every 60 seconds – think about that for a minute.


What happens on the Internet in one minute

10. Our 13 Best Content Marketing Tips… Ever!

In our final post of December’s round-up, I outline the 13 best content marketing tips from the WordStream blog – not just from 2015, but since we started producing content way back in 2007. There’s something for everyone in this post, from how to repurpose content and align content with PPC campaigns, to the actual grunt work of writing content and evaluating the success of your content initiatives. Whether you’re a seasoned content veteran or a newcomer, you’ll find plenty of actionable advice in this post.


Content marketing tips
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