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How One Vitamin Company Got Its AdWords Account in Shape

Author: Dan Shewan
Last Updated: December 12, 2022 | WordStream

Today, health and wellness is about far more than just regular checkups at the doctor – it’s a lifestyle. As healthy living has become increasingly popular, many different kinds of businesses have emerged to cater to the demand for health products, including Optimum Health Vitamins.

WordStream Customer Spotlight Optimum Vitamins

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Optimum Health Vitamins is a small chain of health food stores specializing in natural health products, including vitamins and herbal supplements. As a growing retail operation, Optimum turned to AdWords to help grow its business and find new opportunities. However, as Graham Couling – Optimum’s Marketing Manager – soon discovered, expanding the company’s reach with AdWords would prove more difficult than he thought.

As Optimum’s Marketing Manager, Graham takes the lead in identifying new marketing opportunities for the company and works closely with other members of the team to create campaigns that will help Optimum grow.

“I establish the overall marketing objectives of the company,” says Graham. “We currently employ 65 people, and have three large high-volume brick-and-mortar stores. I have a keen interest in our online marketing strategies and I manage, set up, execute, and monitor our Google advertising, Facebook advertising, and email marketing programs.”

Growing Pains

Like many newcomers to PPC, Graham opted for the “do it yourself” approach, and proactively began his self-directed AdWords training.

“I had set up a Google AdWords account and viewed a few YouTube videos on how to run paid search campaigns,” Graham explains. “I jumped into it head first, and attempted to set up my first set of ads on my own.”

However, getting started with AdWords had a steeper learning curve than Graham anticipated.

“It became apparent to me very quickly – within the first two weeks – that setting up, running, and managing an effective paid search campaign required a certain level of skill that I didn’t possess.”

Graham realized he needed help, but didn’t know where to turn.

Forging Connections

As fate would have it, one of Optimum’s other marketing channels ultimately helped Graham strengthen his PPC campaigns.

In addition to its paid search and paid social campaigns, Optimum also leverages inbound marketing to help achieve its marketing goals – and it was a chance recommendation that first introduced Graham to WordStream.

WordStream Customer Spotlight Optimum Vitamins inbound vs. interruptive marketing

“We work with HubSpot for our blogging strategies, and my consultant there suggested that I reach out to WordStream,” Graham says. “I did, and I was teamed with my Customer Success Representative. He helped set up our initial search campaign (after my failed initial attempt), and it has run smoothly ever since.”

After helping Graham set up his campaigns, Graham’s Customer Success rep worked with Graham to identify profitable new opportunities that aligned with Optimum’s wider business goals.

“In Canada, the natural health industry has gone through an evolution of sorts over the past few years in that manufacturing and quality assurance is mandated by the Canadian government,” Graham explains. “This has become a concern in other counties such as the United States, where regulations are less strict. Canada is poised to be a reliable exporter of quality natural health product over the next few years as demand increases worldwide.”

WordStream Customer Spotlight Optimum Vitamins

Optimum identified Canada’s strong regulatory and compliance requirements in the natural health industry as a key differentiator in a crowded industry – particularly with regard to the United States’ comparatively lax regulatory environment. With that in mind, Graham worked with his Customer Success rep to launch a geographically targeted international campaign focusing on audiences in the United States to expand and capitalize upon the opportunities Graham had identified.

“As the American and Canadian exchange rate is currently advantageous for online shoppers in the United States, we will be working with WordStream to target key cities in the U.S. using Google Shopping and other suitable Google advertising options,” Graham says.

A Streamlined Workflow

Although Graham is Optimum’s Marketing Manager, and is responsible for the majority of the company’s digital marketing strategies, he only has so many hours in a day. As most marketers could attest, finding ways to increase productivity and work smarter, not just harder, is a constant challenge – one that WordStream helps Graham accomplish.

“Every morning, I log into my WordStream dashboard and update any recent changes to our AdWords campaigns,” Graham explains. “From there, I look at the negative keywords associated with our ads. After reviewing and deleting any if need be, I move our search ads section and check the really useful tool, QueryStream. In QueryStream, I’m able to see and delete any keywords that I feel are not relevant to our ads – and that’s all I do on a daily basis.”


WordStream Customer Spotlight Optimum Vitamins QueryStream

By using WordStream, Graham has increased Optimum’s return on investment and saved valuable time that he can use for other campaigns and projects. Graham also realized that getting the help he needed from the outset has saved Optimum time and money in the long run, something that many advertisers don’t realize until much later.

“We decided on WordStream because we realized quickly that setting up a logical Google AdWords dashboard was complex and needed to be done correctly, as we intend to build out our ads and we wanted the process to be as streamlined as possible,” Graham says.

In addition to saving time and money by streamlining Optimum’s paid search workflow, Graham found the support, advice, and recommendations of his Customer Success Representative to be invaluable.

“Our consultant has been amazing,” Graham says. “He worked with us from day one to set up our AdWords account in a logical manner, and has helped us set up Search, Display and YouTube advertising targeting our customer email lists.”

Like many industries, the natural health business never stands still. However, working with WordStream lets Graham focus on the bigger picture while retaining tight control over the details – and he feels confident that Optimum can respond to the changing landscape of the natural health industry and capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.

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