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How an Air Conditioning Supply Company Keeps Cool Under Pressure with WordStream

Author: Dan Shewan
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How an Air Conditioning Supply Company Keeps Cool Under Pressure with WordStream

June 14, 2019
Customer Spotlight


To many small businesses, time is the enemy. It often seems as though there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and this can appear especially true for companies just starting out with paid search. Between the pressures of actually running a business and taking care of customers to the constant time constraints of managing a PPC account and learning about new products and features, it can prove too much for some advertisers.

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This was the case for Peter Sheridan, Director of Retailing for Ryan Air Conditioning Spares, a small HVAC company based in Manchester, England. Peter knew that PPC could help him grow his business, but finding the time to dedicate to managing his paid search campaigns personally was proving problematic.

That’s when Peter turned to WordStream.

So Many Goals, So Little Time

As Director of Retailing, Peter knows every aspect of the business, including those elements that larger companies might hire a dedicated person to handle.

“I wear a lot of hats in the company, including handling all website-related tasks, as well as order placing and marketing,” Peter explains.

Although this hands-on approach to the business affords Peter unique insights into the challenges faced by the company, it places great demands on his already limited time. Peter knew that PPC could help his business grow, but without the manpower or time to oversee or directly manage his paid search campaigns, Peter knew he needed help.

Peter discovered WordStream’s Managed Services team while searching for a solution. He had worked with other external companies to handle his PPC in the past, but Peter says his experiences did not meet his expectations.

“I was dissatisfied with the previous company that was managing my paid search account for me,” Peter says. “I ended up managing my AdWords by myself, but it became too overwhelming, so I sought the help of WordStream.”

It wasn’t long before Peter knew he had made the right choice.

Immediate Results

After discussing his needs and objectives with WordStream’s Managed Services team, Peter began working with his dedicated account manager to identify opportunities that would have the most immediate impact.

“When Pete started with WordStream, we discussed how his Shopping campaigns were doing well, but that they could be doing a lot better if we made some bid changes based on return on ad spend,” explains Peter’s Managed Services representative. “By shifting the focus of our bidding strategy to the individual product level we were able to increase bids on products that were losing impression share due to rank. Every product that was losing impression share due to rank and also showed a good CPA and/or ROAS we adjusted the bids to try and tap into the product potential.”

Customer Spotlight Ryan Air Conditioning metrics

Soon after working with his account rep, Peter began to see immediate returns. He also realized that, despite his familiarity with AdWords and a strong grasp on his wider campaign objectives, finding the time – and context – to analyze his core metrics was resulting in wasted spend, a problem that Peter’s account manager was able to identify and correct.

Customer Spotlight Ryan Air Conditioning metrics

“Pete had a few products that were spending more money than they were bringing in,” Peter’s Managed Services rep says. “I explained to him that ROAS and other important metrics can be hard to put together inside of AdWords if you are not in it daily, especially when you are trying to pull this data from a Shopping campaign. But simply magnifying our strengths and eliminating our weaknesses we have been seeing an overall spike in average order value and a decrease in CPA.”

Customer Spotlight Ryan Air Conditioning metrics

An example of the kind of improvement – in this case, click conversion rate – that
Peter experienced since allowing WordStream’s Managed Services to handle his account

A Strategic Partnership

Working with WordStream’s Managed Services team has given Peter perhaps the greatest gift anyone can receive – time.

“They’ve taken the PPC workload off my plate so I don’t have to struggle trying to manage my account by myself,” Peter says. “They’ve also given me peace of mind.”

In addition to the tangible results Peter has observed in his account since allowing WordStream’s Managed Services team to handle his account on his behalf, Peter found the experience of working with his account manager equally productive.

“[My Managed Services representative] is as concise as I would expect an AdWords manager could be,” Peter says. “I can be difficult to nail down to a specific time of day for us to liaise with each other, but when we do, the attention to detail and explanations are excellent.”

Thanks to the time savings offered by entrusting his AdWords campaigns to his Managed Services rep, Peter has been able to devote more time to identifying new opportunities, as well as taking care of his customers – a point of pride for Peter and his team.

In addition, reducing wasted spend and focusing on elements of his campaigns that are likely to yield the highest returns has enabled Peter to spend his ad budget more efficiently, as well as eliminate inefficiencies that were costing him money. This means Peter’s campaigns are more tightly organized, optimally structured, and significantly more cost-effective.

Customer Spotlight Ryan Air Conditioning metrics

“Costs have reduced and the campaigns are much more specific and efficient,” Peter says. “There’s no comparison to WordStream! They are, by far, more effective than any other PPC platforms or agencies.”

As Peter can attest, WordStream’s Managed Services team has helped him save money, reduce wasted spend, and allocate his resources more effectively. Most importantly, though, working with Managed Services allowed Peter to focus on what really matters – growing his business and taking care of his customers.

To find out more about how Managed Services can do the same for your business, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your PPC management needs.


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