NEW! Performance Dashboard & Improved 20-Minute Work Week in WordStream Advisor

June 25, 2020

Running your business’s marketing efforts isn’t easy – and it takes a lot of time! The time it takes to optimize bids, create and edit ads, and discover new keywords all adds up. On top of all of this, you need to constantly track your performance to ensure all of your hard work is effective.

At WordStream, our mission is to develop software to help businesses of all types and sizes tackle these challenges quickly and effectively. I’m happy to announce that with our latest product update, we giving you the tools to do this even better!

WordStream Performance Dashboard

Inside the New Performance Dashboard

The brand-new WordStream Performance Dashboard lays out key account metrics with campaign-level insights spanning your AdWords and Bing Ads accounts. Whether you’re advertising on one or both of these ad platforms, the new Performance Dashboard has you covered.

We used our expert knowledge of PPC, based on analysis of over $9 billion in ad spend, to determine the five key metrics that best communicate performance: spend, clicks, conversions, cost per click, and cost per acquisition. As you can see above, each of the five metrics are charted simultaneously so that you don’t have to bounce back and forth between views to see your data. Hover over any point in the chart to see daily breakdowns. Best of all you, can easily compare your data against your past performance.

We then created a “Biggest Movers” section, which intelligently tracks and highlights the campaigns that have the biggest impact on these metrics.

biggest movers

The Biggest Movers section identifies which campaigns had the largest impact (whether positive or negative) on the metric you are investigating. If you want more info, one click on the campaign name will bring you into our Manage PPC section so you can get to work.

We also gave our competitive analysis reporting a new look, so that you more easily understand these insights.

performance dashboard in wordstream advisor

The New & Improved 20-Minute Work Week

In addition to our new Performance Dashboard, we’ve rolled out a new and improved version of our ever-popular 20-Minute Work Week.

updated 20MWW

As always, on a weekly basis, we surface personalized recommendations to help you improve the ROI of your account. All of these awesome recommendations now live on their own dedicated page with a clean and easy-to-use interface. The weekly to-do list is summarized in a floating left-hand panel and, as alerts are completed, they drop down to a “Completed” section.

This workflow lets users know exactly what they have to do for the week and what’s been completed, so you can keep your accounts running efficiently in as little time as possible.

Try It Out Yourself

We’ve gotten some phenomenal feedback on these new features so far. Mike Salem from Brand5280 told us, “I really like the design – it gives you just what you need to see to keep you on track!”

If you’re not a WordStream customer, check out our new Performance Dashboard with a free trial of WordStream Advisor now.

If you’re already part of the WordStream family, log in today to check out this cool new feature, and tell us what you think!

Thanks to Senior Product Manager Jane Modena for help authoring this post.

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