Best Facebook Ad Features and Other Top Posts of the Month

August 7, 2019

April showers bring May flowers…and we are so ready for the showers to cease. After a gray and gloomy April, punctuated by WordStream Live, holiday weekends and a minor bug infestation on the WordStream marketing corner, May is almost here!

In case you went back into winter hibernation this month and missed our best content, we have a recap for you! Check out our best performing posts of the month.

1. The 10 Best Facebook Advertising Features Right Now

Allen Finn outlines the most useful Facebook advertising features that you can start using immediately. He covers everything from ad types to targeting and segmentation. Included in the post are some comprehensive graphics and instructions!


Facebook ad features

2. 11 Ways to Turn Prospects into Customers

Based on one of our most popular webinars by Allen Finn and Brett McHale, the slides were turned into this (just as popular) blog post! It outlines the best ways to nurture your prospects—and we’re not just talking about email here, people. Plot twist: paid search can be one of the best ways to push your prospects through the funny and get more customers.

3. Value of a #1 Google Ranking Down 37% in Two Years?

Ever get the feeling that your SEO work just isn't paying off? It might be because the click-through rate for some of your #1 organic rankings just isn't what it used to be.

google organic ctr with featured snippet

4. 13 Urgency-Inducing Tricks to Drive Sales

Everyone has done it; bought that purse because it was one of the “only a few left!” when you put it in your cart, or the limited-edition shoes. Brad Smith outlines the best urgency-inducing hacks he’s seen that are guaranteed to drive sales for your company.

5. The Impact of Google's New Exact-Enough Match Keywords [Data]

‘Tis the season for some Google changes! Allen uses this data-backed post (thanks to our data analyst, Josh) to outline how the most recent exact match changes will affect your account, and how to remedy the impact.

Exact Match April

6. 23 Facts to Pull Out When Someone Says Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

As those on my team can attest, content marketing is important! It’s a reliable way to drive traffic and increase brand awareness—but some people can’t help but talk smack on content. In this post, Dan Shewan lists some impactful facts to throw back in the face of naysayers.

7. LinkedIn’s New Lead Gen Forms vs. Facebook Lead Ads

Despite our previously-thrown shade at LinkedIn ads (or maybe because of it), LinkedIn has introduced lead generation forms. Allen rescinds some of his previous criticism to outline what you need to know about the new form and how it measures up to Facebook lead ads.

8. 16 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Find & Keep a Remote Job

As demand for remote work grows, we thought it would be helpful to outline some great ways to find a remote job—and give some tips on how to make it work. This listicle contains companies that work remotely, sites to find remote jobs, and our best productivity advice.

Remote Jobs Post

9. 33 Mind-Boggling Instagram Stats & Facts for 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably on Instagram, have seen Instagram posts, or are actively avoiding the platform. As it continues to strive for world dominance, I compiled a list of statistics and facts to tickle your fancy—and possibly convince you to get an account.

10. Coming Soon: Similar Audiences for Search Campaigns [Data]

We like to make sure that you’re on top of all new Google happenings—which is why our brilliant data scientist, Mark, outlines a new feature that is now in beta—similar audiences for search. A thinly veiled copycat of similar audiences for the display network or Facebook’s lookalike audiences, this tool could be a powerful way to reach your prospects and customers.

Similar Audiences Post


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