LOTS of New AdWords Features, & More Top Posts from May

August 7, 2019

We survived a crazy-rainy May! Full of Star Wars memes, margaritas, Instagram’s for social-media savvy Mothers, and loads of Google announcements, we’re still catching our breath. Below is the best of the blog from the past month—don’t miss any of our (or Google’s) big changes and helpful guides.  

1. 11 Changes & New Features Coming to AdWords: What You Need to Know

On May 23rd, Google held its annual marketing event to announce new changes coming to the AdWords platform.  Our own Mark Irvine was in attendance to report back on the news, and this post covers all the changes! The good news: there is a bounty of exciting new features that’ll enhance your digital marketing strategy. The bad news: you’ve got some learning to do!

2. The Last Guide to AdWords Account Structure You'll Ever Need

As part of our customer event last month, a few of our Customer Support reps held workshops to break down some PPC concepts. This guide covers all the bases, from laying the foundation on a campaign level to adding a backyard pool with ad extensions.

3. Introducing New Smart Display Campaigns in AdWords

The Google Display Network includes over 3 million websites and apps, and offers almost as many ways to target your display ads across the web. While all of this targeting gives sophisticated advertisers plenty of control over their ads’ performance, it can be intimidating to find the best way to start advertising or optimize your display ads. Google hopes to make this ad targeting conundrum easier with its brand new Smart Display campaigns, which are rolling out of beta to all advertisers now. This post has everything you need to know.

4. 4 PPC Experts on the Best New Features & Strategies of 2017 (So Far)

What's been working for PPC marketers this year so far, in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and elsewhere? We asked four of the best marketers we know to share what new things they've tried out this year and had success with. Aaron Levy, Lisa Raehsler, Purna Virji, and Kirk Williams pitch in with their insights on 2017 thus far.

5. 4 Free Resources to Inspire Better Ad Creative

In this post, Allen Finn tackles the all-too-relatable conundrum of a creative drought paired with being an overworked part-time marketer. These free resources will help get your creative juices flowing and make your ads look better than ever! 

creative ad ideas

6. Google Announces Major Changes to Enhanced CPC Bidding

In yet another breaking news announcement, Google is changing how it handles campaigns’ bids—by allowing them to automatically adjust your bid by more than 30%! Any advertiser that uses eCPC will be affected by this change. Freaking out? Have no fear, Mark Irvine is here.

7. Google Releases New & Improved Quality Score Reporting

Going along with the Google updates theme, this month Google announced some changes to Quality Score reporting, changes that will afford you a more complete understanding of the elusive metric and allow you to act on new insights with ease. This post digs into the details.

8. Industry Report: State of the Internet Marketing Agency in 2017

At WordStream, a huge portion of our customer base is marketing agencies! We tapped into their invaluable store of knowledge to create this report on the state of internet marketing, specifically for agencies, and came up with some insightful takeaways. This report includes everything typical price points to growth plans. Don’t miss it!

State of the Agency

9. WordStream Makes Its First Acquisition!

Although just one of our big company announcements this month, it was definitely the most exciting for our customers! We are thrilled to join forces with Algorithmic Ads to help businesses quickly generate display ads based on existing website imagery. Find out more in our post!

WordStream Acquisition

10. 4 Useful Features Hidden in the New AdWords Interface

Probably the biggest announcement from the Google Marketing Next event was the new AdWords UI. It’s supposedly bigger, better, faster, and stronger—but we’ve collected some behind-the-scenes features that you should be using.

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