Take Note! New WordStream Notes Feature Now Live in Advisor

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Take Note! New WordStream Notes Feature Now Live in Advisor

August 7, 2019


Our clients rely on our software to manage all their online advertising campaigns, while providing them with a seamless and streamlined workflow to increase their productivity and put time back in their day. And we know small business owners and agencies want the same things for their ad campaigns: more efficiency and a faster path to success.

Toward that end, we’ve got an exciting announcement: WordStream Notes is our latest productivity tool designed to help you keep track of online advertising strategies and tasks for AdWords, Facebook, and Bing. You can use the Notes feature to document account structure changes, new strategies you’re working on, follow-up tasks, reminders to other users of your team, and more.

Simply put: Notes can help improve your productivity and keep you organized across all your campaigns and platforms (not just AdWords!). This feature is great for agency teams where multiple people might touch a single account, or different managers might be in charge of different campaigns (for example, if you have one rep handling a client’s AdWords and Bing campaigns and another rep managing Facebook ads).

With these main benefits, you are sure to stay on track…

wordstream notes benefits

Getting started with the new Notes feature

WordStream customers: You can access the Notesfeature on every page within WordStream Advisor with the simple click of a button. Plus, Notes will auto-save as you’re typing, so you can toggle between tabs without losing notes or disturbing your progress.

notes in wordstream advisor

And let’s not forget about team collaboration – all users on your WordStream Advisor Profile will have access to all notes, so you can leave a message for your teammate, and they could pick up where you left off!

We’ve already gotten some great feedback from customers on the new feature. Here’s what a few happy customers had to say about it:

John Paglio from Portland, Maine-based agency Flyte New Media said, “Notes helps me stay more organized. Instead of notes that I write in my notebook during my call with my customer success rep, I put them in this notes section so I don’t have to go back through pages and pages of my notebook to remember one small thing.” And Jessica Coles from Creating Your Space, which builds websites for the flooring industry, said, “Notes is so useful to me and saving me time! I use it to document everything from what my clients are selling, specials they are running, areas I’m concentrating on and any big changes I have made so I can check on them next week without having to go back to each website and remember where I left off.”

Not using Advisor yet? Start a free trial and take this new feature for a test drive.

More to Come

Check back often as we will continue to enhance our Notes feature capabilities in the coming months. In the meantime…

Whether you are trying to decide if online advertising is right for you or looking for a single software solution to help you manage all your online advertising needs, the WordStream experts are here to help. We LIKE giving demos! Contact us here to set one up.

Do you have product ideas and feedback? Send them to [email protected]!


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