WordStream Takes Home a Content Marketing Award!

August 7, 2019

Some kids dream about hitting a 480-foot tater over the Green Monster. Other kids dream about triumphantly sticking the stars and stripes into the surface of Mars. Pretty standard stuff.

And then there’s the kids on the fringe of society. The ones whose harrowing, hawkish stares tell you it’s a good idea to cross to the other side of the street. You know the ones.

What do they dream about? Being named the Best Topic-Specific Blog in the annual Content Marketing Awards, of course.


That’s right—out of all the blogs that focus on one topic alone (there have to be some great ones about logic puzzles), the WordStream blog has come out on top in 2018. As you can imagine, we're pretty thrilled.

What are the Content Marketing Awards?

In 2004, the Content Marketing Institute launched the Content Marketing Awards to “recognize and award the best content marketing projects, agencies, and marketers in the industry each year.” As of now, there are 92 categories across three groups: Strategy, Distribution, and Editorial.

Any agency, company, organization, or institution that’s involved in the production of content marketing—print or digital—can enter the awards, provided that the selected material was created during the previous calendar year. Entries from all countries are welcome.

You can learn more in this handy video from the CMA website:

So, why did you guys win?

Kind of a rude question, but okay.

Look—this blog isn’t here purely for a good time. You think we’re driven to work every day—to crank out post after post about pay-per-click advertising—by artistic ambition? You think we write about banner ads because it makes us feel closer to God? Nope.

We’re here because we want to provide value to small businesses. We’re here because we understand that not everyone has the time or the desire to become an online advertising expert. The world of search marketing is constantly changing (Google changes its ranking algorithms literally every day), and SMB owners often can’t afford to keep up themselves.


So, we write blogs. To be more precise, we provide accessible, data-backed insights into the lawless madhouse that is online advertising.

Of course, the blog wouldn’t win any awards without the blood, sweat, tears, and strained eyeballs of its most dedicated contributors: people like Allen Finn, Elisa Gabbert, Gordon Donnelly, Margot da Cunha, and Mark Irvine. Teamwork does, in fact, make the dream work.

A huge thank you to the people at CMI for recognizing us! And of course, thanks to our readers and customers. We wouldn't be here without you.

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Conor Bond

Conor Bond is a Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at Crayon, the software-driven competitive intelligence platform that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act on everything going on outside their four walls.

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