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Pitch & Win Clients Better with WordStream’s New Business Center

Author: Allen Finn
Last Updated: November 23, 2021 | Strategies for Agencies, WordStream

Digital marketing agencies come in every shape and size, but they all tend to struggle with the same thing: winning new business.

Think about it…

Whether you’re a one-man-band or find yourself at the helm of a talented team, you spend your days helping other businesses grow through paid search and social and whatever other services you offer.

Inevitably–due to economically-driven ambition or unavoidable instances of client attrition–you find yourself staring blankly at your screensaver-adorned MacBook Pro around two in the morning muttering an all-too familiar phrase.

“I need more clients.”

Well, friend, we heard you.

Introducing WordStream’s New Business Center

After talking to our customers and digging into the market at-large, it’s become clear to us that, when it comes to earning new business, most agencies lack the time to harvest, analyze, and package the account-specific data needed to win new business at scale.

agency new business center wordstream logo

This is a major roadblock to consistent growth. And frankly, if you’re not growing (that’s acquiring net-new revenue, not simply replacing the clients who have come and gone), your competitors are going to eat your lunch.

We’d hate to see that. You work hard for that mid-day plate of steak frites (and it’s going on the company card anyway). You deserve it.

And that’s where we come in.

Our latest suite of tools, developed specifically for agencies, is part prospect management platform, part pitch-day secret weapon, and completely geared towards helping you grow efficiently.

It gives you the power to effectively track and manage your prospects, leveraging your very own white labeled versions of our performance graders and fully-customizable success reports (and, you know, everything else WordStream Advisor can do) to build an ironclad case for why your prospects can’t afford to not hire you.

Here’s a closer look at how you can use the New Business Center to quickly audit paid search and social accounts, create data-backed pitches, and seamlessly transition prospects to your client center, where you can use everything you already love about WordStream Advisor to deliver value as quickly as possible.

Filling Your Pipeline

Whether you’re generating inbound leads or hyper-targeting specific verticals through your own paid efforts, the ability to track your prospects pre-pitch is essential to your agency’s success.

The New Business Center lets you to link and manage an unlimited number of leads, giving you the ability to connect prospects’ Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads accounts.

agency new business center link new lead

This isn’t just a way to keep track of your future clients: it’s a window into their historical performance.

Once you’ve linked a prospect to the New Business Center, you have two weeks to leverage a combination of familiar tools within WordStream Advisor (like the Performance Dashboard, QueryStream, and the 20-Minute Work Week) in concert with white labeled graders and success reports to uncover new opportunities in your prospects’ paid search and social accounts.

(Note that connecting a lead to the New Business Center does not increase your spend under management.)

Pitch New Business

The key to a winning client pitch is data.

Well, sort of. It’s using the right data the right way.

agency new business center white labeled graders

In the good ol days, this was a time-consuming process, full of linking accounts and spreadsheets and hours spent poring over best practice checklists, search queries, and audiences to uncover areas in which your agency could provide value.

The New Business Center aggregates and analyzes everything for you, effectively transforming your “free account audits” of the past into a passive, minutes-long processes.

agency new business center run facebook grader

Connect a prospect’s Google Ads account and, in just one minute, you’ve got insights into:

  • Instances of wasted spend
  • Aggregate Quality Score
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Overall account activity
  • The percentage of active keywords comprised of three or more words (long-tail keywords)
  • Places where ad text should be improved
  • Landing page volume and quality
  • Mobile-specific performance and optimization
agency new business center google ads performance grader report

You can also connect a prospect’s Facebook Ads account to learn more about their:

  • Account activity
  • Performance (segmented by audience)
  • Ad efficacy
  • Spend utilization
agency new business center facebook ads performance grader

And, in both Google Ads and Facebook, we help you uncover a prospect’s adherence to additional best practices and package it in a way that, when delivered, will help you win more business.

Uncovering Adjacent Opportunities

Remember: The use of these tools (and the others you gain access to through the New Business Center) needn’t be limited to pitching paid search and social management.

Let’s say your agency also offers web development or landing page solutions. You run a prospect’s Google Ads account through a white-labeled performance grader and notice that, while they’ve got a killer negative keyword game, every single ad points to the same landing page.

You just found a clear path to cross and up-selling those services without doing any additional work.

And because we know you offer services outside of PPC (and pitch customers who aren’t using Google Ads and Facebook…yet), we’re developing an estimation and proposal tool that will make pitching everything in your arsenal a cinch!

Manage at Scale

You shot. You scored.

Now what?

Pitching and winning new business is the easy part. Now it’s time to deliver…

upgrading prospect to customer

Due to varying levels of understanding on the client-side, agencies need to to set appropriate expectations (especially for those clients who are new to paid search or social advertising). Having a clearly articulated plan and sharing results early and often will extend the lifetime value of your whole client base (and isn’t that the whole point?).

Leveraging the fully-customizable Success Reports in WordStream Advisor allows you to spend more time on client strategy and less on mindless aggregation, all while serving up evidence of your agency’s value to your clients.

hooklead agency logo

Zack Hanebrink, cofounder of Charleston-based digital marketing and design agency  HookLead,  says that “WordStream has enabled us to easily scale our SEM client base without sacrificing performance for our existing clients or over burdening our in-house team.” In fact, Zack and his team just landed a deal “where the previous agency wasn’t even frequently optimizing their client’s campaign; the white labeled Performance Grader highlighted that and made our job of closing the sale pretty easy.”


Start Growing Your Agency Today

If you’re already a WordStream customer (thank you!), you’ll have free access to the New Business Center until October 1st. Simply navigate to “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of Advisor, select “New Business Center,” and click the big green button that says “Link New Lead” to start closing more deals today!

Not a WordStream customer? We’ve got you covered. Start a free trial of Advisor for Agencies and get access to the New Business Center today.

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Meet The Author

Allen Finn

Allen Finn is the co-founder of Toasted Collective, a cannabis-focused digital agency. Many moons ago, he worked at WordStream, where he reigned as fantasy football champion for some time.

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