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Brick by Brick: Building a Google Ads Strategy for Construction Clients

Author: Kim Castings
Last Updated: December 12, 2022 | WordStream

Lorraine Cline is no stranger to hard work. Lorraine is the proud founder of Cline Design, LLC, a 30-year old advertising, marketing, and creative agency which specializes in website design, content creation, SEO, paid search, and social media services. The New Hampshire-based agency delivers strategic marketing plans to midsized commercial construction companies.

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Lorraine has a long list of marketing accomplishments under her belt, including an award-winning marketing service newsletter, as well as being recognized as a national speaker on inbound marketing and social media. She is keenly aware that digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape that the modern-day marketer needs to keep up with in order to be successful.

When Lorraine noticed that a Yellow Pages campaign for one of her larger clients was not panning out as planned, she knew they needed to shift directions.

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“Most of the leads coming in were for services my client didn’t provide,” says Lorraine. “It’s bad enough when you are paying to deliver unqualified leads, but my client’s time was wasted answering calls and talking to people who would never buy from him.” Upon reviewing these results, Lorraine knew they needed to adjust their paid advertising strategy, and that Yellow Pages was no longer the answer. She started to learn more about Google Ads and became familiar with WordStream’s blog.

Cline Design’s JumpStart

At HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing conference, she stumbled upon the WordStream booth, where she learned about the JumpStart Program.

WordStream’s JumpStart Program allowed Lorraine to work closely with one of WordStream’s experienced customer success representatives to build out her client’s Google Ads campaign from scratch, using the WordStream Advisor platform. Lorraine couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Since we began using WordStream, not only are we delivering more leads, we are delivering higher-quality leads,” says Lorraine. “My client is much happier and has even added more budget to the program.”

Here are the four key ways that WordStream’s JumpStart Program helped Cline Design nail Google Ads for its client.

#1: Get Up and Running with Google Ads FAST

Google Ads is not an easy platform to get up and running quickly. Not only is the learning curve extremely steep, but when working with clients’ budgets, the risk of not seeing a return is even higher.

After being burned on her last advertising experience, Lorraine knew she had to get something configured quickly that could deliver impressive results. WordStream’s JumpStart Program allowed Lorraine to skip several weeks of self-directed education. Working closely with a Google-Ads-certified expert, she had everything configured within 10 days.

#2: Execute a Google Ads Campaign without Losing Money!

While Lorraine may have been new to the Google Ads game, she was not new to digital marketing. Poorly configured campaigns had burned several others in her network.

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“I heard horror stories about companies not knowing what they were doing and really hurting themselves because they didn’t know how to use the right keyword match types, or how to add negative keywords,” says Lorraine.

“Bidding strategies can be complex, too, and in the beginning, I had no idea how to confidently develop a strategy that would maximize the number of good leads I could deliver my client.”

Lorraine wasn’t ready to risk executing her first big Google Ads campaign on her own. Not only was her own company’s reputation at stake, but her clients’ as well! The JumpStart Program made campaign building an easy, worry-free process.

#3: Learn from Certified Experts

Another unexpected benefit of signing on with WordStream: Lorraine began to really understand Google Ads.

“The learning curve is steep for PPC,” says Lorraine. “The monthly calls with my WordStream rep helped me actually learn while having the WordStream safety net there to catch me.”

Lorraine instantly knew she was in good hands with her rep. “She is awesome! I can tell she spends a lot of time in the portal,” says Lorraine. “She is always prepared for our meetings, suggests new ways to test ideas and ads, and is constantly maximizing our ROI. She really is my safety net. Without her, I am sure I would have wasted my client’s budget, and I would still be struggling to learn how to implement a PPC program the right way.”

Lorraine has also found that the tools within WordStream Advisor have empowered her to make some effective budgeting changes to her client’s account.

“I love the 20-Minute Work Week. It suggests adjustments that can really make a big difference in terms of savings and effectiveness over the long-haul,” says Lorraine. “The portal is really easy to navigate, and I can quickly get the metrics and reports I need.”

#4: Deliver Phenomenal Results for Clients

Perhaps most notably, The JumpStart Program allowed Lorraine to provide truly impressive ROI metrics to her client.

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After comparing total clicks, conversions, and cost per acquisition (CPA) over the same period of the preceding year (when she had been working without WordStream), she saw a 303% increase in the number of clicks, and a 57x higher conversion rate, with the same budget.

What’s Next for Cline Design?

Now that Cline Design has seen the results WordStream can provide, her team is ready to expand!

“My firm is now pitching other clients who are looking to slay the Yellow Pages beast,” says Lorraine. “We know we can deliver more qualified leads and generate real business for them if we are managing Google Ads with WordStream. We also know we can rely on WordStream to build out our campaigns properly from the get-go.”

Lorraine is a wonderful example of how continuous learning can help you achieve better results with paid advertising. We’re so happy to be a part of her journey!

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Kim Castings

Kim is on the Customer & Product Marketing team at WordStream. When she’s not working on customer-inspired marketing initiatives, you can find her cheering on the University of Georgia Bulldogs or walking her dog around Boston Common.

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