New WordStream Email Notification Options Make Tracking Your Leads Even Easier

March 29, 2019

Let’s be real: Busywork is probably on the bottom of everyone’s “most enjoyable activities” list. If you’re someone who loves filing papers, cleaning your desk, or reorganizing your to-do list, please stop reading this now and come help me get my life together.

image of messy desk

But, really, who has time for filing?

For the rest of us, WordStream just made managing online advertising even easier with email notification options. These new additions to WordStream Advisor eliminate the need to manually pull monthly digital advertising reports AND let you receive lead notifications straight to your email.

Here’s how it works.

Reach out quickly with email notifications for call tracking and Facebook leads

So what exactly is new here? If you’re using WordStream’s call tracking and/or Facebook lead ads, you can now receive an email notification every time a new lead comes through the virtual door. This automated notification will empower you to reach out to that contact quickly—which could have a huge impact on your business. Reaching out soon after a lead comes in will help you become “stickier” with that lead, keeping you top of mind in their purchasing journey. Reaching out right away has an even bigger impact: Businesses that contact a new lead within an hour of receiving it have a 10x higher chance of turning that lead into a customer!

Let’s say you’re a plumber, for example, and you’re using call-only ads on Google. Maybe Sally Smith’s shower is broken, and she searches online for a company to help with her plumbing problem.  She needs help quickly—she needs her shower fixed right away so that she can get ready for a big job interview. She sees your ad and calls into your business. Maybe you’re on the phone with another customer and Sally has to leave a voicemail. Sure, I’m hoping your phone system will notify you of the missed call, but wouldn’t you like to see Sally’s information pop into your inbox so you can prioritize that call over the telemarketer who’s left 20 voicemails trying to sell your company printer paper? Time is of the essence here, and you need to make sure you call Sally back ASAP to win her business.

Now, instead of manually logging into your account to see which leads are new, you can receive an email notification. (Don’t worry agencies, you can white-label this so your customers see your branding and no login button. The email will even come from a white-labeled domain, so your client will never know it’s from WordStream.)

lead email notification example

Yes, we think it’s pretty great too!

How do email notifications for leads help in-house marketers?

Now that you know how WordStream’s lead notifications work, let’s talk about how these automated emails can help you manage your leads better. WordStream will send you notice of your new leads so that you can keep track without even logging into your account. Enabling these email notifications allows you to stay in the know for your account. As we mentioned, this also lets you have a better chance of converting those leads if you’re able to reach out right away.

As much as we love our software, we don’t expect you to log in every single hour to view your leads—that’s just not the best use of your time. Now, you can reach out quicker and convert more leads into paying customers.

If that won’t make your boss happy and make you look like a rock star, I don’t know what will.

If you’re using Facebook lead ads or WordStream call tracking, make your life easier and stay on top of prospects better by enabling this feature. Oh, and if you aren’t using Facebook lead ads or call tracking, there’s no time like the present.

How do email notifications for leads help marketing agencies?

Marketing Agencies: This has some additional benefits for you!  You can turn on lead notifications for any of your clients using call tracking or Facebook lead ads. You can even white-label the email content and “from” address so it looks like you are notifying the client of each lead. Your client will feel appreciated by the next-level service, and you’ll be keeping them in the know without adding to your to-do list!

Look like a pro to your client? Check. Save time so you can spend that optimizing other part of their account? Check. It’s a win-win.

Eliminate busywork with automated Google, Bing, and Facebook Ad Success Reports

Want to free up a few minutes of your work day so you can squeeze in a coffee run? WordStream can help (with the minutes, not the coffee). With WordStream Advisor, you can set up automated success report emails and show your clients or internal stakeholders how much you’re crushing your paid advertising and save yourself some precious time in the process.

When you set up automatic success report delivery, you’ll receive a high-level overview of account metrics and be able to view your monthly or weekly success report—right in your inbox.

success report delivery example

Here’s what this will look like for agencies who choose to hide WordStream branding

How do success report email notifications help in-house marketers?

Look, we know that while you can ideally log into your account daily, that just isn’t always the case. Setting up weekly reports can help you make sure your account performance is on par with your expectations. You’ll be able to stay on top of important metrics and ensure there are no surprises that you have to go back in and fix later. 

Another benefit is just the overall time savings. Sure, it might only take you a few minutes to manually pull a report, but that’s time you could be spending on other aspects of your job (or, say, grabbing that quick coffee). As marketers, we know you’re not just sitting around waiting for something to do—every minute matters.

Lastly, you can enable reports for any stakeholders in your company. Want to set up an email for your boss to receive every week or month so she can see how great your account’s performance is and know you’re the best employee ever?  We’ve got you covered.

How do success report email notifications help marketing agencies?

If you’ve read our recent State of the Agency report detailing how our customers feel about time management, the digital advertising landscape, and more, you might have seen some stats about how agencies spend their time prioritizing different client activities. 59% of agency respondents actually said they spend an hour per client on reporting every week. A whopping 32% spend 1-5 hours (per client) per week. This is valuable time that we want to help you recapture!


With automated success reports, you’ll be able to spend less time pulling performance reports and more time optimizing client accounts. There’s a lot of flexibility here, too. You can enable reports that go straight to your clients (with white-labeling so it appears to come from you), and you can also set up reports that are just sent to you or your internal team.

Did you notice the “and” there? We don’t limit you to just monthly reports. For example, maybe you want to keep a quick pulse on accounts every week, but you only want clients to see the reports monthly. You can set up a weekly report for yourself that you can use as a reference point and a monthly report for your clients (so they aren’t bogged down with account details every week if they prefer a more hands-off approach).

What’s next with email notifications?

This is just the first iteration of our email notification options, so we’re looking to expand into other areas in the near future. Be on the lookout for even more time saving tools soon! In the meantime, set up some automated success reports and lead notifications and enjoy that extra coffee break.

Kim Castings

Kim Castings

Kim is on the Customer & Product Marketing team at WordStream. When she’s not working on customer-inspired marketing initiatives, you can find her cheering on the University of Georgia Bulldogs or walking her dog around Boston Common.

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