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May 24, 2019

Although no two ecommerce businesses are alike, everyone can agree on one thing: advertising on Google Shopping isn’t easy.

Between creating and updating your product data feed, building out campaigns and product groups, and optimizing your on-site experience to maximize conversions, you probably don’t have time to take care of everything else on your plate.

Managing inventory. Attending to customer concerns. Sleeping. These are all essential tasks. You may feel as if there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to both run a successful ecommerce business and lead a healthy lifestyle.

That’s understandable. But it’s also untrue.

We’re here to help.

Introducing WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce

We’re willing to bet you—or, if you’re at an agency, your clients—aren’t running an ecommerce business because you love inputting product data into a spreadsheet. You probably aren’t doing it so you can spend more time tweaking bids, either.


You’re running an ecommerce business because you have products you believe in—products that meet real demands and make real people’s everyday lives better.

That’s something we can get behind. And when you get bogged down in the most mind-numbing aspects of running Google Shopping campaigns, you’re taken away from the more fulfilling tasks that made you go into the online retail space in the first place.

That’s why we’re launching WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce: to help you climb out of the online advertising weeds, drive more revenue, and get back to doing the things you love—whether they’re related to your business or not.

The latest iteration of our time-saving software solution, WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce is your one-stop shop for product data feed creation, Google Shopping campaign management, and on-site conversion rate optimization.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use everything Advisor for Ecommerce has to offer to get more out of your online advertising in a fraction of the time.

Automated product data feed management

There’s no getting around it: a thorough product data feed is essential to winning new customers through Google Shopping. The problem is that manually creating and updating a product data feed is tedious, time-consuming, and risky.

(Risky in the sense that you could potentially make minor mistakes that disqualify your products from the Google Ads auction. Eek.)


With WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce, you can simply upload your product data from your online store into our data feed platform. We’ll optimize it and sync it to Google Merchant Center, making sure the data that powers your Shopping campaigns is clean, up-to-date, and ready to meet your prospects’ needs.

This isn’t a one-and-done situation, either. As you build your feed and import new products, we’ll proactively map your file columns to the correct Google Merchant Center fields and scan the information to suggest the correct product category or product type.

And as far as those minor, potentially crippling mistakes go, we’ll clean up any stray characters that aren’t supported in Google Shopping and preemptively keep those products from getting disapproved.

Streamlined campaign build-outs

Even the most robust product data feed is worthless if it’s not complemented by optimally structured Shopping campaigns. Unfortunately, there’s no universal formula for the perfect campaign structure. It depends on what you sell.

Sure—you can try to figure it out on your own in the native Google Ads interface. But that’s almost guaranteed to be a bumpy ride, punctuated by time wasted on tedious processes and money wasted on shot-in-the-dark A/B tests.

Alternatively, with the streamlined Advisor for Ecommerce interface, you get access to our renowned 20-Minute Work Week feature. Here, we’ll let you know which optimizations you should make—whether it’s adding negative keywords or implementing device-specific bid adjustments—so you can save time and feel confident that your decisions will drive returns.


And if you want to dive deeper, that’s cool with us. Head over to QueryStream to see which terms shoppers are searching before seeing your Shopping ads. With a couple clicks, you can eliminate wasted spend by turning irrelevant queries into negatives.

Eager to show colleagues or clients how phenomenally you’re performing? No problem. Across the Dashboard, Client Center, and Success Reports, you’ll always have easy access to the data that clearly lay out all the awesome results you’re driving.

Seamless CRO functionality

Alright—you’ve got a flawless product data feed and some beautifully structured Shopping campaigns. Your SERP visibility has never been better and you’re driving clicks from relevant shoppers like never before.

But what about revenue? What about return on investment? Unless you’re converting those clicks into customers, nothing we’ve talked about thus far matters.

That’s where our CRO Toolkit comes into play. Available as an inexpensive add-on to Advisor for Ecommerce customers, the CRO Toolkit enables you to create sleek landing pages and engaging pop-ups that convince online shoppers that your products are the ones they need to solve their problems and satisfy their desires.


Equipped with a library of gorgeous, fully customizable landing page and pop-up templates, you’ll have everything you need to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time. And it’s easy to do, too: the CRO Toolkit’s drag-and-drop user interface enables you to quickly create compelling, mobile-responsive assets that turn your investments of time, energy, and money into sales.

Cool? Cool.

Sell More, Work Less

If you’re ready for shorter work weeks, fewer headaches, and greater revenue, you can start your free trial of WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce here. Make sure to come back to the blog for plenty of tips and tricks to help you get even more out of your online advertising campaigns.

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