#MySmartAds: Create 7 Free Display Ads & Win an Apple Watch

July 8, 2019

Happy week after vacation! Rouse yourself from that mudslide coma, pour on the aloe, and shake off the post-break malaise.

You have a contest to win.

We here at WordStream are passionate about helping advertisers do more with less. That means more output, less time. More conversions, less wasted spend. More cowbell. Just more cowbell.

To help you do more with less, we’re always innovating. We have a number of free tools—from our Google Ads Performance Grader to our Free Keyword Tool—that help advertisers punch above their perceived weight class. Recently, we added our Smart Ads Creator to the fleet. The Smart Ads Creator uses machine learning to build eye-popping HTML5 display ads (that are tailor-made for your business) in just minutes. I’m talking literal, 60-second minutes.

These free, dynamic display ads take your display campaigns to the next level. But let’s be honest: What good are they if you can’t brag about them to your friends and family? We have the solution.

Smart Ads Contest Apple

Apple watch, people.

Now you can text your loved ones about your sizzling new display ads from the comfort of your wrist. How do you get your hands on one of these bad boys? Let’s talk about the #MySmartAds contest.

What is the #MySmartAds contest?

We created the #MySmartAds contest to do two things:

1. Get people to use our awesome free tool.

2. Bring the ability to build highly effective display ads to a wider audience.

If you haven’t heard, the Google Display Network is a hugeeee lever for advertisers trying to build brand awareness. The issue is resources. Actually making display creative is a time-consuming process. It can be an expensive process.

The Smart Ads Creator doesn’t alleviate those pain points; it annihilates them. You give us your landing page URL, and in a matter of minutes, we give you seven dynamic, animated display ads that will demand clicks when activated in your display campaigns. This contest is about bringing that power to advertisers everywhere. Let’s talk details.

How does the #MySmartAds contest work?

Ok—so here’s how it works. It’s pretty easy.

The contest takes place from today, July 8, through next Friday, July 19. To enter, go to our contest page.

Smart Ads Contest

From there, you’re going to do a few things:

1. Enter your website or landing page URL, select your advertising objective, and click “Create My Display Ads.”

Smart Ads Contest Entry

2. In less than two minutes, you’ll see seven smart ads. Why seven? There are seven prescribed sizes for display network campaigns. You now have an ad for all of them. Once here, you’re going to click “Refine My Ads.”

Smart Ads Contest Refine

3. Now, you have a chance to tweak your copy, your creative, your CTA, and make a number of other edits. You don’t have to do these things—these are HTML5 ads (meaning they move), so they’re designed to get clicks out of the box. But you may choose to make some changes. When you’re done, click “Finish and Email.”

Smart Ads Contest Finish

4. Congrats, you’re ready to rock! Email yourself your new ads and you’re home free.

Smart Ads Contest Email

What is the prize and how do I win?

Now, we are giving away three Series 4 (read: sexy new) Apple Watches for the #MySmartAds contest. If you’ve completed the above four steps, you will be automatically eligible to win one of these watches (winner to be selected at random).

If you want a chance to win one of the other two watches, you’re going to have to do a litttttttle more leg work. Specifically:

Tweet a picture of your ads @WordStream with the hashtag #MySmartAds and a link to our contest page.  

At the end of the contest period (July 19 at 5:00 p.m. E.S.T.), we will deem the tweeters of the two most engaged-with tweets to be the winners. Engagement will be determined by the total number of replies, retweets, and likes. Please feel free to promote your tweet by any means necessary, and to tweet as many times as you like. We’ll only consider the individual tweet with the highest amount of engagement.

Winners will be notified via email the following week, and their Apple Watches will ship directly. And if you don’t win? You still have seven completely free, completely click-worthy display ads to take your display campaigns to the stratosphere.

Happy Smart Ads-ing! Head to our contest page to get started.

Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly is a college hockey washout turned SEO & content marketer. He's a sucker for fly fishing, mudslides, and Jim Morrison.

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