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Brick by Brick: Building a Google Ads Strategy for Construction Clients

Here are four key ways that WordStream’s JumpStart Program helped Cline Design nail Google Ads for its client.

Kim Castings
December 28, 2018 | Customer Spotlight

Marketing With a View: How a Sedona Resort Increased Revenue 21%

Here, we spotlight A Sunset Chateau, a luxury resort that increased their revenue 21% using WordStream.

Kim Castings
November 30, 2018 | Customer Spotlight

How a Real Estate Agency TRIPLED Conversions in 30 Days

Sarah Foxen, CEO of Residensportalen, one of the largest rental agencies in Sweden, knows how challenging marketing for real estate can be. See how Sarah leveraged WordStream Advisor to triple conversions in just 30 days.

How 98 Buck Social Partnered with WordStream to Increase Conversions by 400%

Agencies are basically small powerhouses trying to do it all for every client. 98 Buck Social founder and CEO Chris Heuwetter knows this all too well. See how 98 Buck Social partnered with WordStream to increase conversions by 400%.

How Electricity Monster Increased Revenue by 300% in 6 Months

Learn how a small electricity company increased their revenue by 300% in just 6 months using WordStream Advisor!

Margot Whitney
February 28, 2018 | Customer Spotlight

Are You Missing 80% of Your Conversions? The Importance of Call Tracking [Case Study]

AdWords conversion tracking is time consuming and confusing: one simple mistake can cost your business money. This is especially true for on-site call tracking. Learn how to resolve complex call on-site call tracking issues through this valuable case study!

How WordStream Helped Inspire Marketing Become the #1 Agency in East Texas

Digital marketing agencies looking to expand their bandwith turn to WordStream's Managed Services team. Texas-based Inspire Marketing did just that and tripled multiple clients' ROI from both PPC. Learn more about how WordStream can help your digital marketing agency today!

Margot Whitney
December 19, 2017 | Customer Spotlight

A Glimpse Inside WordStream’s First Customer Insight Round Table

Last Wednesday, WordStream hosted its first in-house Customer Insight Round Table. Check out some of the highlights from the day!

Howard Kogan
November 14, 2017 | Customer Spotlight

How Teamwork & Strategy Help a Financial SaaS Company Succeed

In this Customer Spotlight, learn how financial SaaS company Adaptive Insights works with WordStream's Managed Services team to drive results.

Dan Shewan
November 10, 2016 | Customer Spotlight

How an Air Conditioning Supply Company Keeps Cool Under Pressure with WordStream

Learn how WordStream's Managed Services team helped Peter Sheridan lower costs and increase ROI in his AdWords account.

3 Ways Atkins Marketing Solutions Grew Profits with PPC

In May's Customer Spotlight, learn how WordStream client Atkins Marketing Solutions, a growing digital agency, succeeds in a competitive market with PPC.

How A Safari Travel Specialist Achieved Wild Results with AdWords

Few companies know as much about exotic African safari vacations than Go2Africa. Taming the wild beast of AdWords? That was a different story.

How One Vitamin Company Got Its AdWords Account in Shape

In our latest Customer Spotlight, find out how health food retailer Optimum Vitamins used AdWords to get its PPC campaigns in shape.

Every Dog Has Its Day: Koru K9 Dog Training’s Success Story

Ray and Bridget Murphy of Koru K9 Dog Training understand what makes dogs tick better than most - but mastering AdWords was a different story.

Dan Shewan
February 17, 2016 | Customer Spotlight

How One Car Dealership Increased CTR by 478% & Decreased Spend by 13%

The automotive industry is one competitive place to be in! Find out how WordStream client, Planet Automotive, drastically improved PPC performance while reducing cost.

Margot Whitney
December 18, 2015 | Customer Spotlight

4 PPC Lessons One Healthcare Company Learned Using WordStream

When you’re sick you want to be one place and one place only: at home. This is obvious, but we often end up in some weird-smelling hospital bed staring at the grumpy stranger who’s become a forced roommate.

Margot Whitney
September 17, 2015 | Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: 4 Ways JustIngredients Has Cut their PPC Clutter

Just Ingredients turned to WordStream Advisor to reduce the clutter in their account. Check out 4 of the main things WordStream has helped Just Ingredients accomplish.