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With so many constantly changing platforms, it’s hard to keep up with digital marketing. Our in-depth articles share the latest insights, stats, and trends to help you keep your strategy current. And when there’s a news drop—from Google Ads to Facebook, privacy and SEO, you can rest assured we’ll break down not just what happened, but also the context behind it, what it means for you, perspectives from the community, and action you can take.

Is Google’s Competitive Ad Policy a ‘Shakedown’?

Google's competitive ad policy is under scrutiny after Basecamp CEO Jason Fried's viral tweet. Check out this post for our analysis!

Big Changes Coming to Google Ad Delivery & Facebook Ad Targeting

Big news, marketers: Google is retiring accelerated ad delivery and Facebook is letting users block third-party data usage. We've got everything you need to know!

News: Facebook Reach Estimates Are Finally Back!

In this edition of the online advertising news round-up, we look at Facebook reviving reach estimates, Google expanding app campaigns, and more!

Google Kills Portfolio eCPC, Finally Gives You Monthly Budgeting

In this edition of the online advertising news round-up, we look at Google retiring portfolio eCPC, quietly rolling out monthly campaign budgets, and more.

Facebook Removes Targeting Options, LinkedIn Launches Lookalikes, & More Recent News

Can't keep up with the online advertising news? We got it covered. Check out our latest round-up of news from Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, including targeting changes and lookalike audiences.

The Online Advertising Landscape in 30 Definitive Charts [Data]

We polled hundreds of WordStream customers about their strategies, the makeup of their businesses and marketing teams, and the unique challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. This is your Online Advertising Landscape in 2019!

Google Rolls Out Responsive Video Ads, Expanded Call-Only Ads + More Recent News

Can't keep up with the online advertising news? No worries. We got it covered. Check out our latest round-up of news from Google, Facebook and more, including new responsive video ads and expanded call-only ads.

7 Recent Online Advertising Updates You Should Know

2019 has kicked off with a slew of online advertising news stories. Check out our round-up of the 5 most important ones and get yourself caught up!

So Long, Google Feed; Hello, Google Discover

It's official: Google Feed is gone, and in its place stand Google Discover. Check out our full rundown on Google Discover, including what it is, how it differs from the feed, and how it could just mark a larger shift in search.

10 Things You Need to Know About the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Worried about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation and how it might affect you? We've got you covered with a full explainer of the EU GDPR.

Healthcare Marketing Insights for PPC Advertisers [Infographic]

To succeed in the highly competitive field of healthcare marketing, you need the right tools and data. Check out healthcare marketing and advertising trends for 2016.

Automotive Advertising Benchmarks & Data for 2016 [Infographic]

If you're doing advertising and marketing for the car or automotive services industry, check out this new data on trends in the car and auto marketing industry from WordStream and Google.

4 Travel Marketing Trends You Need to Act On

For travel marketers, it’s all about understanding the market trends and finding creative ways to use them to your advantage. Here are four new travel marketing trends you should be ready for!

Google Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [Updated!]

We all want to create unicorn ads that have the highest CTRs and the best conversion rates. But a good metric for one industry isn’t necessarily good for another. What numbers should you be looking to beat in your industry? We dug into our data.

You Might Hate It, But AdWords’ Smart Goals Are Pretty Cool for Certain Advertisers

There have been a lot of complaints, but new AdWords smart goals are much better than the alternative: not tracking conversion data at all. Here's why.

The PPC Success Report, Now with Bing Ads Reporting

Bing Ads advertisers, you're in luck! The PPC Success Report now includes comprehensive Bing Ads data and analysis. Learn more...

The Most (& Least) Expensive States for PPC – New Data

What's the average PPC cost in your state? A new infographic from WordStream reveals the average CPC in all 50 US states.

Why It’s So Easy to Fail on Mobile [Data]

The latest Google Ads mobile data, including cost per click, click-through rate, and Quality Score on mobile devices, reveals why mobile advertising is harder than desktop.

Google for Mobile: How Google Makes Money from Mobile

Learn about Google's mobile product portfolio including Google apps for mobile, Google devices for mobile, Google advertising for mobile and more.