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What’s a marketer or small business owner without ideas? Our marketing ideas blog posts cover everything from holiday marketing, to creative marketing, to low-budget marketing and much, much more. Get the inspiration you need for your next big, brilliant marketing idea. Then, learn time-honored strategies to go out into the world, execute, and drive results that really matter.

9 Killer Demand Generation Strategies for New Brands

Demand generation is crucial for companies of all sizes, especially new brands and startups. But what is demand generation marketing exactly, and how can small brands start leveraging the power of demand generation to grow their business?

Dan Shewan
October 22, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

The 8 Coolest Ad Targeting Features in Marketing Right Now

The ad targeting options available to marketers these days are staggeringly powerful. Here are Larry Kim's eight favorite targeting features in PPC and social media marketing.

Larry Kim
September 11, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

The 5 Elements of a Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy

Disruptive outbound techniques convert at a much lower rate than inbound marketing strategies. These are the 5 elements of a strong inbound marketing strategy you should be using!

Margot Whitney
August 25, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

99 Online Marketing Tools You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

If you want to be the best at your online marketing job, you need the best online marketing tools! Check out our round-up of the top 99 online marketing tools you simply can't live without for PPC, SEO, social media, content marketing and more...

Dan Shewan
August 24, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

18 Signs You Are a Digital Marketer

18 struggles only digital marketers experience. If you work in paid search these memes will definitely resonate with you.

Erin Sagin
August 20, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

4 Stealable Ways Great Public Speakers Make Sure You Remember Them

Want to be a great public speaker? Here are four simple things that great speakers do to make sure the audience remembers them and what they say.

18 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Learn the basics of brand awareness, how it facilitates your broader marketing goals, plus 18 brand-building strategies (with examples) to help you build brand awareness for your small business.

Megan Marrs
July 10, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

Average Cost per Click by Country: Where in the World Are the Highest CPCs?

Location, location, location! In search, we know that users search for different things in different states and that the average cost per click advertisers pay differs by state too. In this post, we rank 97 countries in order of highest average cost per click to lowest average cost per click.

6 Stupid Marketing Metrics That Need to Die

Despite it being the year 2015, many marketers are evaluating the success of their efforts by metrics that should have died years ago. Here are six marketing metrics that simply must die.

Larry Kim
June 18, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

The 19+ Best Marketing Podcasts: Learn With the Pros

Looking for marketing podcasts to listen to while driving or at the gym? Here are our 18 favorite marketing podcasts to entertain you while you learn.

Megan Marrs
June 10, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

5 Tactics to Become an Outstanding Public Speaker

Does the thought of public speaking make you sick to your stomach? I feel your pain! Follow these tips to get over your fear and become a phenomenal pubic speaker.

Growth Hacking 101: What It Is and How to Do It

What is growth hacking? Learn all about this new marketing technique startups and entrepreneurs are using to grow their businesses FAST.

20+ of Our Best Vertical Marketing Guides Across 14 Industries

Are you looking for marketing hacks specific to your industry? Check out our 20 best vertical marketing guides across 11 industries.

10 Marketing Graders to Make Your Site Better, Faster, Stronger

These 10 free marketing graders are easy-to-use tools that help you analyze the performance of your website and marketing campaigns. Check them out!

Study: Which Sites Have the Most Links in Search?

Dutch SEO specialist Wouter van der Meij recently published a study of search marketing publishers with the most links – and we’re thrilled to be among the most-linked resources on the Web!

The Marketing Funnel Ice Cream Cone: Turning Leads into Customers

What is the marketing funnel? How can you take advantage of the funnel to turn leads into customers? Learn how in this guide.

A Guide to Customer Testimonials: Your Business’s (Not-So) Secret Weapon

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful trust signals you can use. In this post, I'll show you how, and when, to use them effectively.

3 Trends That Will Change the Future of Online Advertising

Online advertising changes fast. In this post, Larry Kim reviews three major trends that will change everything, including identity-based marketing and the rise of automation.

Hone Your Influencing Skills: 29 Ways to Get What You Want From Others

If you take time to develop your influencing skills, you can make people do pretty much whatever you want. In this post, I'll show you how.

Larry Kim
April 9, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

14 Marketing Skills to Add to Your Resume This Year

Digital marketing moves very quickly, and as a modern marketer, you’re probably gaining new skills by the handful. But what marketing skills make employers say, We need to hire this one? Check out our 14 enticing marketing skills to add to your resume!

Megan Marrs
April 7, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

6 Places to Learn Photoshop for Free (or Almost Free!)

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or digital marketing expert to learn how to use Photoshop. Here are six free resources to begin your journey to Photoshop mastery.

Dan Shewan
April 2, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

8 Influencer Marketing Strategies (and Ideas) to Grow Your Reach

Influencer marketing is powerful, but how does it work? See influencer marketing examples and learn how to find influencers in your field and become one yourself in this guide to influencer marketing strategy.

Dan Shewan
February 26, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

The Ultimate A-Z Marketing Buzzwords Bible

Marketing is a field rife with buzzwords. We’ve created an A-Z list and scored them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the most bearable and 10 being words that desperately need to be sent out to pasture.

Megan Marrs
February 23, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

3 Economic Principles That Will Transform Your Marketing Campaigns

How can marketers make their campaigns more effective? By leveraging some of the basic principles of economics.

Dan Shewan
February 17, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

6 Ways to Speed Up a Long Sales Cycle (+Examples)

Are you a marketer struggling to push leads through a long sales cycle? Utilize these six strategies to drastically speed up your sales cycle.

Margot Whitney
January 26, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

5 Call Tracking Mistakes that Are Hurting Your PPC Campaigns

Call tracking is a game changer for businesses that get a lot of call-in leads or sales. Just make sure you aren't making these crucial mistakes.

Guest Author
January 22, 2015 | Marketing Ideas

5 Cool Ways to Use Infographic Templates (& 5 Free Templates to Start With)

Infographic templates can save you time and help you make a powerful impact with your marketing messages. Try these five techniques to make your infographics stand out.

Dan Shewan
January 13, 2015 | Marketing Ideas