Top SEO Web Design Company Websites

On October 14, 2009

Best Web Design Firms at SEOContinuing with the Top SEO Websites Series, I decided to turn the spotlight on Web design companies to find out which ones are excelling at SEO. Sure, these Web design firms may be able to create really slick websites, but how good are they are ranking organically in highly-competitive verticals in their industry?

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Pimp Your PPC Ad: 5 Lessons from Lackluster Text Ads

On October 13, 2009

Remember MTV's Pimp Your Ride? Well today I'm going to pimp your PPC ad. Roll in with your Chevy Cavalier and I'll send you home with a Cadillac. Of pay-per-click ads.

OK, these advertisers didn't ask me to revamp their ads, but I'm doing it anyway (for free!) and I think we'll all learn some valuable PPC ad writing lessons in the process.

Lesson #1: You have limited space. Don't waste it.

Below are the first-page sponsored links for a search on "web design firms."

Web Design Firm PPC Ads

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Seth Godin Is Wrong (Except When He's Right)

On October 9, 2009

Disagreeing with Seth Godin is basically a cliché now, but I'm going to do it anyway—or quibble with him, at least. I like this chart on Seth's blog (who doesn't like charts?) that plots some broad cultural phenomena against two axes, the sophisticated/tacky axis and the techie/tech-phobic axis. The challenge, he says,

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Drupal vs Wordpress: The CMS Showdown

On October 7, 2009

Drupal and Wordpress are two of the most popular, open source content management systems (CMS). Many websites and blogs run either Wordpress of Drupal chiefly because they are flexible platforms with large user support communities, and they're free. I use both Drupal and Wordpress in my day-to-day activities: WordStream runs on Drupal, while my personal websites and blogs run on Wordpress. So I have a pretty good handle on the advantages and disadvantages of both CMS platforms.

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