reduce customer churn graph
January 8th, 2020

Churn rate, or rate of attrition, refers to the percentage of customers who stop using your products or services within a set period. This could be annually, quarterly, or monthly, but your churn rate gives you a clear idea of how many users are moving into your business vs how many are moving out.

Properly analyzed, and all things being equal, an organization’s churn rate is the key...

best marketing strategies Udemy courses example
January 7th, 2020

Well, 2020 is here. And, so far, it doesn’t look much different than December 2019. That’s why we asked dozens of digital marketers for their best marketing strategies of last year—and, boy, did they deliver.

Here’s a look at what tops the list for marketing experts 2019—and what we think are the 16 best marketing strategies you can take into 2020. 

1. Educate with...

people shaking hands
January 2nd, 2020

Whether you are an already established agency or you are just getting started, there is always room to try new strategies in an effort to grow your business, your team, and your client roster.

Read on to learn how to learn how to acquire new leads to fill your funnel and convert into clients, methods of sourcing and acquiring new talent to add to your team, and the reasons and ways...

image of website planning with papers, lap top, coffee, and pens on a desk
December 31st, 2019

Does creating a website feel like a daunting task?  Are you putting off building a website for your business, non-profit, or portfolio because it just seems like too much work? If learning to code, sourcing photographs, and figuring out how to create forms sounds overwhelming, I've got great news.

You don't need to know how to do any of that to build a basic website....

Google Ads account "Modify Columns" option
December 30th, 2019

Even the most sophisticated Google Ads accounts need a good clean-up every once in a while. And what better time to do so than the new year!?

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through the steps you need to give your Google Ads account a quick refresh for the new year. And after you go through these steps once, you’ll realize that it really doesn’t take too long to give your account...

December 23rd, 2019

We’ve had over 250 new blog posts this year, and in those we covered a lot. Paid search strategies, ecommerce marketing tips, industry news updates. Copywriting tricks, social media marketing plans, agency growth tactics—the list could literally go on and on.

In the past, we’ve rounded up our top 10...

Oatly Facebook ad example
December 19th, 2019

As each year comes to an end, many of us reflect on what we’ve accomplished, things we can improve upon, and what we haven’t been able to do yet that we may want to in the new year. This is especially true when it comes to the marketing and advertising work we do.

Here, we’re looking back at super successful Facebook and Instagram campaigns to see what worked and—probably more...