Databox overview
June 17th, 2020

With a number of states beginning to lift restrictions and open their economies, it is crucial for account managers and agency owners to keep a close eye on industry trends. As long as you’re in-the-know, you can make the appropriate decisions and guide your clients in the right direction.

Having the resources to stay on top of internal trends for these businesses is equally as...

small marketing agency survival strategies covid 19 cash flow
June 1st, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted digital marketing agencies large and small. But the reality of the business models is that small and large agencies are feeling the impact very differently. Larger agencies often have multiple employees to worry about and costly office rent, which can mean limited flexibility in pricing. With more overhead, there may be more financial risk. That’s...

winning business proposal feature
March 11th, 2020

Any individual who owns or manages a small marketing agency will know that the process of crafting a proposal to a potential client is a task that can be perfected—and, even better, easily duplicated. Although mastering the entirety of agency sales takes practice and experience, understanding how to properly articulate the value you will bring to a potential client in a written proposal is...

Facebook campaign budget optimization (CBO) button
February 27th, 2020

Facebook has recently revealed that advertisers will soon no longer be able to optimize their budget at the ad set level. Instead, anyone who is currently advertising on the platform or plans to will have to manage their ad spend at the campaign level.

On the surface, this change may not seem like too big of a deal. But for anyone who has managed Facebook ads for a long time and values...

free training resources for agencies
February 12th, 2020

Bringing on additional help as a digital marketing agency owner can be a necessary but equally daunting task. Finding and onboarding help can take up hours of valuable time that you may not be able to lose. So what are your options? Finding qualified contractors who are highly skilled can be even more difficult. Experienced, established digital marketers will certainly charge a steep price for...

Facebook campaign optimization
January 21st, 2020

Whether you set the marketing budget for your own business or your clients tell you what they’re working with, the beginning of the year with a renewed budget—which means new goals, some attainable and some that may be a stretch.

Last year, advertisers ranked increasing ROI/ROAS as the primary goal in our ...

three people working
December 5th, 2019

Most agency owners and managers will agree that every client is unique. This is particularly true if you have clients that operate within varying industries with their own specific target audiences. What becomes clear over time is that there is rarely a cookie cutter template for which channels may suit each client best. As an account manager, it is your responsibility to decide if a...

client relationship over time graph
November 20th, 2019

If you’re an owner of a paid marketing agency or you work for one, you’re more than familiar with the constant balancing act of scheduling your time. Between calls, reporting check-ins, and frequent email exchanges with clients, it’s safe to assume that you have a lot on your plate. Every account manager schedules their time differently, but everyone’s priority list can get convoluted...

Facebook ad size rectangle vs square
October 29th, 2019

With rapid expansion of targeting options, improvements to machine learning optimizations, and the overall efficiency and focus on advertiser needs, Facebook has never been a stronger advertising platform.

However, with rapid innovation comes rapid change. Staying on top of all of the updates becomes increasingly challenging as new ad types and creative options become available. Image...

conversion value create screen in Google Ads
September 25th, 2019

In digital marketing, the general term “conversion” can mean a variety of things depending on who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. This is particularly true within Google Ads—you can track countless actions that visitors take on your site.

When you have multiple layers of a marketing funnel, every conversion just isn’t created equally. Some conversions don’t matter as...