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October 11th, 2021

As we knew it would, the release of Apple iOS 14 earlier this year has impacted Facebook advertising in a dramatic way. Now that a few months have passed and the dust has settled, I want to share with you something I've observed in my clients' accounts: that CPMs are rising.

So in this post, I'm going to:

  • Tell you why your Facebook ad CPMs might be higher as a result...
customer acquisition cost vs cost per acquisition formulas
August 9th, 2021

It is quite clear, regardless of network, that the digital space has become a competitive one for businesses. Every company on the internet is vying for the attention of the same users (in one way or another), making effective marketing to your target customer more and more difficult. On top of that, average costs of pay per click ads are increasing.

It’s important to make sure your...

how to generate leads on facebook in ios14
July 26th, 2021

iOS 14 has certainly lived up to the headache that it was predicted to be for several months. Between domain verification and aggregated event management, your average Facebook advertiser will certainly feel lost in the new iteration of the advertising platform. I’ve even seen experienced marketers scratching their heads as the hoops Facebook now makes users jump through appear to be sloppily...

view trend details button on google ads insights page
May 19th, 2021

It’s been a busy past few months for Google Ads updates. The tech giant has been making several tweaks to various aspects of its platform in an overall attempt to make the product more accessible to businesses looking to advertise.

To add to these technical changes, Google has released its new Insights page from beta.

For the most part, any tool or feature that provides...

how to create conversion-boosting pop-ups—wordstream popup example
April 26th, 2021

There are a variety of tools on the market to help businesses increase conversion rates on their websites. Amongst these solutions lies the infamous pop-up. Travel back in time to the early days of the internet and the term “pop-up” may trigger flashbacks of the pure rage you felt trying to surf the internet in peace while being bombarded with spammy and virus-inducing windows.


ecommerce tools for local businesses
February 18th, 2021

It’s a tough time to be a small business to say the least, especially if you’re operating with a physical location. However, tough times allow those who are willing to adjust the capacity to flourish while their competition falls behind. If you’re a local business looking to start offering more online sale opportunities for your customers amidst additional lockdowns and draconian mandates, you...

January 20th, 2021

There’s been a lot of talk in the digital space about Apple’s iOS 14 update and how that relates in particular to Facebook advertising. Over the years I have read and heard of rumors that there would be some type of legislation that would mark the end of Facebook ads. These, of course, either never happened or never really had a substantial impact on the business so Facebook advertising has...

google ads for local business local google ad
November 4th, 2020

The prospect of managing paid search marketing can oftentimes feel overwhelming, particularly for local business owners who have a multitude of other responsibilities to worry about. Keeping up with rapidly shifting industry requirements through a pandemic alongside the demanding day-to-day can leave many entrepreneurs too exhausted or stretched thin to start learning how to fully navigate...

increase bottom-of-funnel conversions-marketing funnel
October 1st, 2020

For businesses operating mostly within the digital realm, the concept of a marketing funnel has been justifiably obsessed over for quite some time. The proper way to take the passive interest of an individual and amplify that over time through a series of actions, so that they inevitably become a paying customer has (understandably) consumed the minds of marketers and has...