Link Building Experts Interview Series: Wiep Knol

On November 23, 2009

Wiep KnolWiep Knol is a link marketer from the Netherlands. He learned about online marketing during his study in 2004, and was hooked instantly. Two years later, he was hired to set up a link marketing service at Tribal Internet Marketing. Now, Wiep works as a partner for, and he runs a few other online projects as well. 

Want to read more? Check out Wiep's link building blog, or follow him on Twitter.

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Twitter's New Retweet Feature: Yay or Fail? (Please RT)

On November 20, 2009

Retweet week trending topics

It's finally Friday, folks, and this week's roundup is all about IMAGE SWIRL!

Just kidding. Who cares about Image Swirl? This week's roundup is all about the retweet. Twitter has completed the rollout of its new formalized retweet feature. I want to say that I haven't seen so many people tweeting about the same thing since Michael Jackson died, but the trending topics indicate otherwise. I guess it's just my dweeby search marketing list.

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Using Google Analytics Benchmarking to Improve Your Website

On November 18, 2009

A few years ago, Google Analytics added benchmarking, allowing site owners to compare their own sites to others in the same category. Of course, many sites fit into more than one category, and to enable benchmarking, you must first enable data sharing from within your analytics settings. Using my art blog,, I wanted to see how well it performs against other blogs in its category.

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Leverage Analytics Intelligence to Be Alerted to Important Changes in Your PPC Campaign

On November 17, 2009

At the end of October, Google Analytics announced a series of exciting updates. Included was the Analytics Intelligence engine which algorithmically tracks significant changes to patterns in your website’s metrics. This engine works both as an automatic feature for general alerts and a custom feature for you to leverage Intelligence based on any metric and/or traffic source you choose. Intelligence comes with the ability to provide Daily, Weekly or Monthly alerts.

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Link Building Experts Interview Series: Dixon Jones

On November 16, 2009

Dixon JonesDixon Jones is the managing director of the respected UK Internet marketing consultancy Receptional, which heads up the marketing of MajesticSEO, the world's largest open anchor text link map of the web. He has spoken at Internet marketing conferences including Pubcon, SMX, SES and International Search Summit. To learn more about Dixon Jones, check out his website or follow him on Twitter: @Receptional.

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Rupert Murdoch's Crazy Old Man Syndrome, or Why Can't News Find a Business Model?

On November 13, 2009

This week, another chapter in the slow-motion car crash that is the decline of the news industry (excuse me while I mix my metaphors; I’m working on reduced brain cells today): Rupert Murdoch announced that News Corp. will consider moving its websites to a paid subscription model and voluntarily delisting them from Google—equating search engine listings to plagiarism. In an interview with Sky News (video clip below), he also claimed that “fair use is illegal,” a move Cory Doctorow called the “loonie cherry atop a banana split with extra crazy sauce.”

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Best Keyword Ranking Tools for SEO

On November 12, 2009

Most SEOs use keyword ranking tools to track where their pages are ranking in the SERPs for target keywords. It gives them an idea how well their optimization efforts are faring against the competition as well as how well those rankings are progressing over time. Now even though rankings without traffic and conversions are meaningless, it all starts with rankings. If your pages don’t rank, nobody finds them. And the higher you rank, the more potential traffic you can grab.

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