Launching a New Website? Query Analysis Can Make the Difference Between Thriving or Diving in the SERPs

On April 27, 2009

One of the best ways to conduct keyword research is to explore your website’s data files. By looking at the search queries your visitors used to find your website, you discover new, proven keywords to optimize for.

But what if you're a brand new website with no search data and you want to target a new query space? How do you find the right keywords to build your list around?

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The Power of Data Sharing - How Sharing SEO & PPC Information Can Improve the Results Enjoyed By Both

On April 21, 2009

Anyone engaging in search marketing should be analyzing SEO and PPC concurrently.

By creating a data-driven Web marketing environment in which you can share insights from multiple channels, you provide yourself with a marked advantage over companies and marketers who segment their information sets. This is particularly true within search marketing itself.

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New AdWords Interface - A Review of the New Search Query Report Feature

On April 16, 2009

One of the things being shown off at SES New York a few weeks back was Google’s new AdWords interface. It’s currently in beta and is being rolled out to more and more customers. There have been a series of in-depth blog postings and discussions about the interface as a whole. The new is definitely a lot slicker than the old:

The new AdWords interface is much more visually appealing than the old.


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Informing the Tail - Mid-Level & Long Tail Information Architecture | Heads or Tails Sec 2

On April 9, 2009

This is the second section in a three-part series titled "Heads or Tails? - How to Profit from Keywords that Don't Exist". In the first post of our series we talked about the value of targeting mid-level keywords (keywords that bring a medium amount of traffic and are moderately difficult to rank for). In this edition, we'll discuss how you can structure your site and link within your pages so that you can effectively target "mid-tail" or mid-level keywords.

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Heads or Tails? - How to Profit From Long Tail Keywords that Don’t Exist

On April 8, 2009









This is the first in a three-part series on the types of keywords you should be targeting. Section two will follow tomorrow, and the final installment will be published on Monday, so stay tuned! Special thanks to Virginia Nussey, Lisa Barone, and Adam Viener for editorial contributions.









By strategically targeting keywords of varying competition levels you will see more and better qualified streams of traffic.

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