daily budgets graph
February 19th, 2019

The Facebook Ads platform has many bells and whistles that can get even the seasoned advertiser turned around from time to time.

One aspect of Facebook that should be simple and easy to cover is budget. Give a dollar amount and go, right?

Not so fast.

There are two types of budget for Facebook, daily and lifetime. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, and it’s not...

Threatin's "tour"
February 15th, 2019

"Up, up. Down, down. Left, right. Left, right. B, A. Start."

Anyone recognize that? It’s the legendary cheat code that most famously appeared in the Nintendo hit video game from the 1980s, Contra. If a player worked their fingers as such across their controller while the game loaded, they were granted 30 lives instead of the standard three, and they suddenly had a true,...

push tag manager live
February 12th, 2019

One area that seems to elude many digital marketers is the relationship between conversion tracking and website analytics. Often, when businesses get started with online advertising, they have established each piece of the puzzle separately, with Google Analytics monitoring site traffic, and paid channels (like Facebook and Google Ads) tracking conversions individually within their respective...

mobile page speed optimization
February 11th, 2019

Legend has it there’s a castle deep in the heart of the second page of Google. Guarding a castle is a monster named Bowser. Every so often, Bowser will creep from his home and attack innocent listings on the first page (as well as the occasional princess) to bring them back to his castle never to be seen again… until now!

Are you ready to play Super Marketing Bros?


social media marketing tools buffer
February 8th, 2019

Social media marketing is a rather counterintuitive field. It looks like anyone could do it: post something (anything!) on social media, look for existing content, talk to people, fill your company’s Instagram account with your most photogenic team members. Sounds like a task for any kid of today’s social media era.

However, if you want your ROI to grow, this isn’t the way to go....

February 7th, 2019

George Orwell was a prolific and insightful dude. An English writer who lived during the first half of the 20th century, Orwell was (and remains) known for his criticisms of political language.

A key source of Orwell’s discontent was the use of “meaningless words”—those words that, due to rampant and ambiguous usage, lose their meanings altogether.

“Data,” in...