Win of the Week: To Be Unorthodox or Conformist, That Is the Question

On September 21, 2011

Today, I'm featuring what may be the biggest win in BoostCTR's brief history. It's certainly the biggest win that's been featured in a Win of the Week column.

Since the difference between the two ads is so big, it should be easy to pick the winner, right? Well, maybe. Looks -- and gut-level responses -- can often be deceiving. Nevertheless, take a look at the two google ppc ads below and see if you can pick the winner.


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Win of the Week: Clarity and Attention to Detail Increase CTR by 86%

On September 14, 2011

Studying new winning ads is always fascinating because of the variety of products and services for which we're optimizing ad copy.

Every week, there is a new win ... in a new market ... for a new product. And yet, in spite of this variety and "newness," the principles of good ad writing prove themselves over and over again.

With that in mind, which of the two ads below do you think performed better? The headlines and the URLs are the same. Only the body copy is different. Which approach do you think worked best?


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Win of the Week: Subtle Changes Make a Big Difference in CTR

On August 31, 2011

Which of the two ads below do you think performed better? Both used the same title text and URL (which is why the URL is not included in the images below). The body copy is the only difference between the two ads.

Look closely and you'll notice the ads are quite similar. They include the same basic ideas, the same numbers. They both include an exclamation point at the end of the second line of body copy. And yet, despite their similarities, one of these ads increased CTR by 111%. Can you guess which one?


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Win of the Week: Designing a Better PPC Ad

On August 17, 2011

If you were going to write a PPC ad promoting the opportunity to run your own graphic design contest, how would you write your ad?

That was the question facing the BoostCTR writer who wrote the winning ad in the contest below. Take a look at both ads and see if you can pick the winner:


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Win of the Week: Spelling It Out to Increase CTR by 65%

On August 10, 2011

How would you like to see a sequence of ads instead of just one winner and one loser? This will give you better insight into the reasons why one ad wins ... and other ads lose. With that in mind, I'm showing you four ads instead of two.

These ads paint a more accurate picture of the BoostCTR contest process. It is not uncommon for the first two or three submissions to lose to the control ad. After repeated attempts to "dethrone" the control ad, a new winner is discovered.

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Which Ad Won? New PPC Ad Boosts CTR by 52%

On August 2, 2011

Today, I'm featuring another contest from the ongoing optimization of the BoostCTR campaign running on AdWords. I'm doing this for two reasons:

Reason #1. It's important that you know "we eat our own dog food." Which is to say, we follow the same ad optimization process that we recommend to our clients.

Reason #2. We have now completed a few BoostCTR contests. So I can show you how the ads have evolved over the last couple months.

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10 SEO Copywriting Myths, Mistakes and Conversion-Sucking Monsters

On June 14, 2011

Is your Web copy only so-so?

Maybe your pages aren't positioning in Google and Bing, and you're not sure what you're doing wrong. Or prospects are finding your site, but they're not taking action.

Either way, you know something is wrong. You just may not know what it is.

If your SEO copy isn't making you money, it could be that your writing has fallen prey to one or more of the 10 most common SEO copywriting myths, mistakes and conversion-sucking monsters. Here are the typical copywriting boo-boos I see:

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