Ali Ajemian
November 15th, 2019

WordStream has some impressive employees in our ranks: from industry influencers to marathon runners, from analysts to authors. The Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here. Each month, we’ll be featuring an interview here on the blog and on our social accounts.

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re featuring Ali Ajemian, the marketing team...

How to Compete in Google & Facebook Ads Webinar
November 12th, 2019

Managing your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be daunting, especially when marketing is just one of the tasks on your to-do list. Google and Facebook are already highly competitive advertising platforms, and if you’re not routinely optimizing your accounts, it’s easy to fall behind the competition.

Don’t fret, though—we’re here to help. In WordStream’s upcoming webinar, our very own...

BERT Google Algorithm Update
November 12th, 2019

Keeping track of Google’s algorithm updates is a full-time job—especially considering the fact that Google doesn’t always explain why frequent fluctuations in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) occur. Mostly, these updates occur in the name of increasing relevance in the SERP. They benefit sites that produce quality, fresh, relevant content. The song remains the same. 

the WordStream team on the roof deck
November 8th, 2019

Twice a year, WordStream invites customers from locations far and wide to join us at a Google office in a major US city to participate in a day of insights, learnings, and deep dives with presentations from WordStreamers, Googlers, and this time, Microsoft Advertising (cue the shock!).

For our fall 2019 iteration of WordStream live, we headed to our nation’s capital to host this...

blog post screen shot with "Here five" typo
November 6th, 2019

I have to confess: Even though I’m correcting punctuation and reviewing sentence structure at work all day, I don’t care when I see a typo in a book. Sure, I might circle it so I remember, but I don’t feel vindicated. If anything, I feel bad. When it’s in a blog post I’ve edited, I’m bummed I made a mistake.

But I’d rather content I’ve edited have a missing period or an extra capital...

Mrs. Meyer's remarketing ad
November 5th, 2019

I’ve been speaking a lot recently on the benefits of using audiences to their full extent, especially by customizing pixels to create new audiences for users on your website. The biggest benefit is that you can segment audiences into more niche groups and market to them accordingly—as in, based on more than just a site visit in the last 30 days.

After all of that, one of the most...

construction marketing
November 4th, 2019

If you are in the construction industry marketing may be the furthest thing from your mind—well, unless you are having trouble booking jobs. Then marketing your business is likely the top thing on your mind.

Whether you’re a single-person operation or you have a dedicated construction marketing team, the industry comes with its unique challenges. From the dangers of the job to...