8 Common Facebook Ad Myths, Debunked

On March 20, 2018

Advertising on Facebook is definitely among the best ways to get website traffic and acquire users, and absolutely anyone can do it. Among the tons of posts, videos and eBooks about Facebook ads, most are useful but, having spent over $3M on Facebook ads for various companies in different business types, I can say that some of the common beliefs about Facebook ads are simply myths which were completely crushed by my campaigns’ results.

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Master Multichannel Marketing With Facebook Ads

On March 6, 2018

Chances are, your ads' reach extends beyond a single platform.

In fact, for most businesses, a multichannel digital marketing strategy—also referred to as a “cross-platform” strategy— is the key to success.

Your website, organic search rankings, paid search, paid social, partner programs, email nurture programs, and maybe even live reads on your prospects’ favorite podcasts all allow you to reach more people. But that’s not all.

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7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

On February 6, 2018

Real estate agents are keenly aware that in order to be successful, their skill-set can’t be limited to selling a property. In fact the ability to generate leads through captivating marketing campaigns is likely even more critical to achieving success in the competitive real estate industry. How can you sell a house if you have no one to sell it to?

Real estate Facebook ads San Francisco painted ladies houses

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How to Create Killer Facebook Ad Campaigns with Your Existing Assets

On January 31, 2018

When it comes to building landing pages, scoring leads, and developing complex nurture funnels, there are companies out there that have extensive marketing resources. This makes Facebook advertising much easier. However, a clear majority of smaller operations don’t have the personnel, expertise, or budget to utilize expensive marketing and sales automation platforms. What do you do if you’re an SMB or small agency?

facebook attribution is a real headache 

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Facebook Makes Major Changes to the News Feed: Here’s How It Will Impact Your Business

On January 12, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg, champion of the decades-old prom picture, the neighborly squabble, the adorable baby pictures, announced yesterday that the Facebook News Feed is about to undergo a fundamental shift. Because “passively reading articles or watching videos” is bad for human beings, Facebook is pivoting its core away from its current state (inescapable time suck) and towards becoming a platform that helps users have “more meaningful social interactions.”

Great for humans, bad for (most) brands.

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Say No to the Slump: How to Drive Post-Holiday Sales with Facebook Ads

On January 11, 2018

B2B advertisers tend to see an influx of prospects after January 1. But for many businesses—online or otherwise—the post-holiday malaise is very real.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to use Facebook ads to turn the “ugh, January“ you’ve become accustomed to into the Q1 kickoff you’ve always dreamed of. The strategies I’ll touch on are broken out like so…

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Placement Optimization

On January 8, 2018

Let’s face it: as a marketer, you can target almost any segment imaginable through Facebook.

On top of that, the social media giant has done a fantastic job at expanding the places where your ads are shown. Over the past few years the company has invested great effort into its advertising arms race against Google, resulting in the expansion of Facebook’s advertising placements.

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