5 Blog Redesign Mistakes That Kill SEO

On January 31, 2012

SEO, when done right, never interferes with web design, but sometimes redesigning a site can unknowingly interfere with search engine optimization. This is why teamwork among SEOs, designers, marketers and developers is critical during a blog redesign process.

Here are 5 common web design mistakes that kill search engine optimization:

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5 Low-Budget Ways to Distribute Your Blog Content

On August 3, 2011

Distribution Center

We got the following message via our Contact Us form this weekend:

To Elisa Gabbert: Saw your article in Website magazine! I write a marketing blog via WordPress and was writing to get your advice on how to distribute this blog beyond LinkedIn/Twitter – seeking vehicles that are low budget ... Thank you in advance for your response.

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5 SEO Recommendations for Better Business Blogging

On June 28, 2011

Corporate blogging is a great Internet marketing technique for multiple reasons. Not only does a company blog give the search engines more content to index (growing your trust factor), a business blog can be instrumental in building your online brand. Blogs are inherently social in nature, which means they are also a great way to connect with current and potential customers. In short, a well-written blog can help all aspects of your web marketing campaign, including SEO.

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Launching My First Blog: Learning from My Mistakes

On March 14, 2011

What’s the old saying? “One definition of crazy is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results”?

Are you “crazy” when it comes to online marketing or do you adapt and learn from your mistakes? After 12 months, I’m adapting.

Around March 1 of last year I began my Online GED Site blog. I never expected it would make tons of money. I hoped it would teach me about blogging, WordPress, Google Analytics, keyword research, and using some of WordStream’s free tools.

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How to Build a Blogger Outreach Campaign, Part 2

On February 22, 2011

Traditional advertising is so 2010. It shows too: People just aren’t trusting and are learning to tune out those banner and video ads that pop up. So why spend your money on something that may or may not get you results, especially when there are ample substitutes that likely cost less and absolutely get you better results. Enter the blogger outreach campaign.

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