Forget Google for a Minute – Look at These Baby Lions

On February 10, 2012

WordStream’s founder and CTO, Larry Kim, isn’t just a PPC veteran and secret linkbuilding addict – he’s also a world traveler and accomplished amateur photographer. Last week he traveled to Africa with his frankly gorgeous wife (who is also a surgeon!) and took some drop-dead amazing photos of the local wildlife.

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Local Paid Inclusion and the Self-Policing SEO Industry

On February 3, 2012

On Tuesday, Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch published a story called “Google, Bing & Yahoo in Partnership to Sell Top Organic Local Listings?” The article outlined a new service offered through Bruce Clay Inc.  – a venerable search agency – in partnership with Universal Business Listings (UBL) called Local Paid Inclusion.

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SOPA Round-Up: The Aftermath of the SOPA and PIPA Blackouts

On January 20, 2012

In light of Wednesday's tremendously successful SOPA blackout, I thought we'd take some time to recap and document the day the web went dark. The stop SOPA and stop PITA blackouts were really powerful because with online champions like Google, Wikipedia, and Reddit teaming up, the blackouts most certainly raised awareness and affected people who had no clue about these ridiculous bills until yesterday. Petitions were signed, calls were made to state representatives, and the word got out.

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Google Search Plus Your World: 'Beautiful Journey' or Trainwreck in the Making?

On January 13, 2012

At first, I thought it was just a hokey blog post title. But it appears that Google has actually launched a feature called “Search plus Your World” – and with this feature, they claim, “a beautiful journey begins.” (Gag me, right?)

And what is this feature, you ask? Oh, you hadn’t heard? Perhaps “feature” downplays the import. It’s really the next iteration of search – another step towards integrating social data into the results. According to Google, the changes encompass:

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'This Post Is Sponsored by Google': Google Caught (Gasp) Buying Links?

On January 6, 2012

Ever the hypocrisy cop, Aaron Wall earlier this week exposed some seemingly devious behavior on Google’s part – namely, a series of sponsored blog posts promoting the Google Chrome browser along with a product video.

Wall writes:

When K-Mart paid some small business bloggers to do sponsored posts Matt Cutts wrote a post about how he torched those small bloggers (while doing nothing to K-Mart) & equated that exercise to selling links that promote bogus brain cancer solutions.

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