What Do Adult Sexual Services Have to Do with AdWords?

On November 18, 2011

A couple of days ago our fearless head of marketing, Laura, noticed an odd result in the Google SERPs – the sponsored results for the query “adwords services” were pretty run of the mill, but the first organic result was a bit shocking:

AdWords Services

I tried the same search on my own machine and got the same result. What the hell?

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Occupy Google Analytics? An Update on "(Not Provided)"

On November 4, 2011

Two weeks ago, I blogged about Google’s announcement that it would stop providing keyword referral information for a portion of organic searches. At the time, people were kicking around numbers between 1 and 7% – Google claimed this wouldn’t have a big effect on marketers, and some people thought it was no big deal. (For example, both Frank Reed and Alan Bleiweiss called SEOs “myopic” for overreacting to the news.)

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Occupy Google Reader: My God, Google, Why Have You Forsaken Us?

On October 28, 2011

It saddens me greatly to write this post. To most people in the world, RSS may be either dead or nonexistent. But for me, and for many people I know (some only virtually), RSS – specifically Google Reader – is a huge part of daily life. I have two tabs permanently open on Chrome: Gmail and Google Reader. According to my “Trends” tab:

From your 420 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 4,022 items, clicked 231 items, starred 1 items, shared 54 items, and emailed 2 items.

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Google Doesn't Get Platforms. What Doesn't Your Company Get?

On October 14, 2011



In an all-too-keen instance of corporate irony, a Google employee this week sent what was meant to be an internal “memo” to his coworkers – right on up to Larry and Sergey – through Google+, and made the post 100% public by mistake. Whoops! At least when you accidentally “reply all,” your message is confined to the people in the original email list, right?

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Online Marketing News for October 9-12, 2011

On October 12, 2011

Apple’s iOS5 Is On Its Way!

People are getting geared up for Apple’s iOS5, expected to launch later today! In anticipation of iOS5, Apple released iTunes 10.5 and its new iCloud service earlier this week in case you couldn’t possibly wait another second to download some Apple updates.

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Netflix Spins Off Qwikster, Flips Off Customers

On September 23, 2011

There are two kinds of news: the kind of news that everyone gets excited about and the kind of news that everyone complains about. (Well, I guess there’s a third kind, the kind that nobody care about, but leaving that aside...) The webby world got some news of the former type this week, and that was the news that Netflix is splitting into two separate brands: one for the snail-mail DVD rentals that put the company on the map, and one for streaming services, the direction that movie rentals are going in.

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