Everyone Wants You to Fail: Groupon's Bad Press Keeps Up with Its Losses

On June 17, 2011

On TechCrunch, Rocky Agrawal has been writing a series of posts about Groupon – which as you surely know recently filed for a $750 million IPO. But Agrawal is not writing about Groupon’s rapid ascent to success, but rather its, in his mind, inevitable downfall. In fact many in the tech industry believe that the company’s growth and business model are completely unsustainable.

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Business Lessons from New Yorker Cartoons: What's Your Universal Caption?

On June 10, 2011

For years the New Yorker has been running a caption contest on its back page, where readers submit captions to go with a punchline-less cartoon. Winners receive a signed print of the final cartoon. It’s a brilliant, sticky content gimmick, especially for a print magazine – it’s interactive and addictive and keeps people coming back for more. (How many people subscribe to the magazine but only read the cartoons?)

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