How to Create PPC Landing Pages that Work for SEO

On June 17, 2009


The conventional thinking on pay-per click landing pages is that they should be “dedicated landing pages”, should be “de-indexed”, and that you need to create individual pages for PPC versus organic search. There are a number of very good resources on landing pages that will tell you this.

There’s validity here; it’s most likely the case that you’ll optimize conversions by creating a separate landing page for PPC traffic.

However, this post will tell you why in some cases it can be a poor use of resources.

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New AdWords Interface - A Review of the New Search Query Report Feature

On April 16, 2009

One of the things being shown off at SES New York a few weeks back was Google’s new AdWords interface. It’s currently in beta and is being rolled out to more and more customers. There have been a series of in-depth blog postings and discussions about the interface as a whole. The new is definitely a lot slicker than the old:

The new AdWords interface is much more visually appealing than the old.


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