How to Do SEO for Magento eCommerce Software

On August 5, 2011

Magento eCommerce Software is one of the most popular business e-commerce tools. Like any other web platform, Magento can and should be managed to obtain SEO (search engine optimization). This article will provide users of Magento e-commerce sites with five steps to optimize their websites for SEO.

The following five tips will ensure that your e-commerce site is better optimized for search engines.

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How to Use Google Organic Click-Through Rate (SEO CTR) in Your Keyword Research Process

On May 24, 2011

One of the most important pieces in mapping out any SEO project is determining which keywords to target and how. There are a lot of great processes for this, but one thing that’s highly valuable as you research keywords is an ability to go beyond the rough estimates keyword tools give you to get at a more precise estimation of how much traffic you can expect from various keywords each month. This information allows you to:

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Quora SEO: How to Use Quora if You're an SEO

On March 24, 2011

If you're not familiar with it, Quora is a relatively new question and answer site. It's much-hyped and has a huge following within the tech/startup community, and features participation from well-known entreprenuers, angel investors, and venture capitalists. There's some debate about how scalable the site is, how useful and interesting it is to people outside this initial niche, etc.

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Leveraging PPC Search Query Performance for Targeted SEO

On January 11, 2011

Every year about this time we find ourselves finalizing our goals and strategies for the New Year. Our bosses are looking to us for actionable strategies and suggestions to meet our new revenue goals. How much will PPC contribute? What is our primary SEO strategy, and what growth can we expect?

Making accurate forecasts and predictions for yearly goals can be difficult. We try to take what we already know from past performance to make intelligent estimates about the future.

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Informational Keywords & the Buying Cycle: Targeting Early-Stage Keywords via SEO

On January 3, 2011

Rand Fishkin just had a great post over on the SEO Moz blog that listed off five creative solutions to tough SEO challenges. Number four in this post focused on the idea of competing against a site with a strong lead in the SERPs for a particular keyword. In the WordStream guide to keyword competition, Larry outlined a process for getting around an inability to rank for a particular term:

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