10 Ways Voice Assistants Are Changing Marketing

On March 1, 2018

Voice technology was everywhere at CES this year – toilets included – which means we are undoubtedly in an era dominated by voice assistants. This, in turn, means the way consumers perform even the most mundane day-to-day tasks is changing.

And, as a result, the way brands and marketers interact with said consumers is changing, too. The time respond to this technology is now.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Finance & Bank Advertising with AdWords

On February 26, 2018

What comes to mind when you think about doing your taxes or managing your finances? For me, a headache comes to mind. Let’s face it – finance is not the most marketable industry. Yes, finances are something that every responsible adult needs to think about, but that doesn’t make it a sexy topic. This fact is just one of the many challenges that marketers and advertisers in the finance industry face.

bank advertising guide

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33 Epic Instagram Captions That Will Break Your Like-Ometer

On February 23, 2018

The first step to getting a ton of Instagram likes is posting a great photo. But photo quality isn’t enough if you want to join the best of the best – you also need a killer caption. Great Instagram captions push your post over the top. They make your audience laugh, cry, and above all, identify with your photo. But more importantly, great Instagram captions help your account get found, so you can get more followers.

Instagram Captions

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How to Save the World with Cause-Based Marketing

On February 22, 2018

Some of the most effective marketing campaigns have an altruistic or philanthropic theme. However, not every campaign has the permanence of a business or specific product line; sometimes, the best campaigns focus on an idea, rather than a place or product.

Cause-based marketing example

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7 Ways to Stop Burning Your AdWords Budget

On February 20, 2018

Every brand wants optimum visibility in the search results. Try though they might, most fail.

Because of the obvious value of appearing atop the first page of search results pages, the war to rank your homepage, landing pages and key pages of your website is furious.

burning money in adwords

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