How One Gardening Company Drastically Grew Conversions Using WordStream Advisor Social Ads

Being in the gardening industry is not all roses and daffodils. Easy to Grow Bulbs sells a variety of flower bulbs and planting products to clients across the U.S., and seasonality is the hardest thing to tackle when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. “Peonies sell very well in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Maine, but when the season’s over, offers need to change for specific locations,” said Kathleen McCaffrey, the founder of PPC Optimizer 4 U, who runs Easy to Grow Bulbs’ paid advertising campaigns. “There is so much change month-to-month in terms of how many people are searching and in what locations.”

When Kathleen decided to tackle PPC for Easy to Grow Bulbs, she turned to WordStream’s “do-it-yourself” platform. With the help of WordStream’s tailored suggestions and Kathleen’s knowledge of the business, results flooded in. Once the PPC strategy was under control, Kathleen knew she needed to hop on the social media bandwagon, and what better place to start than the world’s largest social playing field, Facebook?


Kathleen wears multiple marketing hats running Easy to Grow Bulbs’ SEO and SEM, graphic design, email marketing campaigns, and even blogging strategy – her hands are quite full!

When the company’s social media employee left, Kathleen was tasked with taking that over as well. She knew the advertising opportunity was huge so she felt compelled to dive right in, but the thought of learning a new platform felt overwhelming.

Kathleen experimented with Facebook’s “boost a post” feature, but working in such a seasonal industry she was struggling to see the return with such limited functionality. As she attempted to dive deeper into Facebook’s ad platform she felt overwhelmed.

“I found the Facebook interface to be complicated and unintuitive. Aside from boosting a post, I wasn’t sure how to navigate and run ads properly,” she said. “I was clueless how to do the kind of ads that we do with WordStream through Facebook.”

When WordStream’s Senior Product Manager, Satish Boppana, reached out to Kathleen about joining the WordStream Advisor Social Ads beta, she decided to give it a shot.


As a digital marketing consultant, Kathleen is constantly courted by companies selling social solutions, but after improving her paid search campaigns with WordStream Advisor, the trust was built and she felt comfortable taking the social plunge.

“In regards to the level of support at WordStream, the quality of people and level of communication is remarkable. Everyone’s website says ‘we have great support, we’re invested in your success,’ but WordStream is genuine,” says Kathleen. “You don’t just meet the promises of that page, you exceed it.”

Satish worked with Kathleen to show her the ins and outs of WordStream’s new social tools. After spending some time in the product she was amazed at how WordStream took the complicated process of finding the right audience and simplified it. Kathleen was able to easily run remarketing campaigns through WordStream to find customers familiar with her brand and her conversion rates skyrocketed.

“The entire process from creating ads, to finding the most relevant audience, to optimizing campaigns is so much cleaner and more straight-forward in WordStream than in Facebook,” says Kathleen. “Facebook is complicated while WordStream is streamlined. You know exactly what you’re accomplishing at each phase.”

Aside from the simplified interface and targeted audience, Kathleen found that she became more proactive about optimizing her campaigns through WordStream’s social alerts tailored to her account needs. She even implemented lookalike audiences through WordStream to expand her reach and convert even more in-market leads.

“I’m much more proactive about paid advertising because I no longer feel like it’s hit or miss. I now have a clear idea of what’s going to work, how it’s going to work, and I feel much more confident spending that money,” she said. “In this industry things change so rapidly. What makes sense in September might not in October so having the real ease of creating and evaluating ads through WordStream is time well-spent and well-managed. I’m able to go in, accomplish what I want, complete it and move on.”


Looking over the same time frame and comparing July 2 to Oct 27 in 2014 (when Kathleen was not using WordStream Advisor Social Ads) vs. 2015 (when Kathleen was using WordStream Advisor Social Ads) you can see the lift in conversions is over 130%, with a 338% lift in conversion value, according to data from Google Analytics.

“This doesn’t even include all the conversions that Google Analytics can’t track, so I am truly blown away by the improvement,” says Kathleen. “With the help of WordStream Advisor Social Ads, September was the biggest month in sales we’ve ever had.”

Kathleen won’t be abandoning her new set of social tools anytime soon. “I’m SO looking forward to even more social expansions with WordStream,” she says. “Every communication I have had with WordStream makes it more and more essential to what I do. The more I work with WordStream the more I think ‘What would I do without it?’ Everything works so well, from the 20 Minute Work Week to the social tools – I’m definitely addicted.”

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