WordStream Managed Services Helps Bulk Candy Taste Sweet Success

As one of the proprietors of BulkCandyStore.com – purveyors of “The World’s Largest Traveling Candy Store” – Ken Shenkman knows more than a thing or two about the online confectionery industry. Running an e-commerce site and organizing a 2,000-square-foot display packed with delicious treats at trade shows and exhibitions across the country hold little fear for Ken and his coworkers. Managing an effective PPC campaign, however, proved to be a little more complicated.

The Problem: Too Much, Too Little Time 

Like many people who become WordStream customers, Ken found that the complexities of managing a PPC campaign were interfering with running his business. Ken soon began to suspect that handling his paid search efforts himself could be doing more harm than good.

“When my marketing manager left the company, I decided to go with the managed service,” says Ken. “I looked for PPC help initially because I realized it was getting way too complicated for us to handle effectively.”

Ken’s problem was one frequently encountered by many small-business owners – how to devote enough time to managing a PPC campaign while actually running his business and focusing on his customers. With only so many hours in the day, Ken knew something had to change.

“There are so many options and possibilities now within PPC campaigns (i.e. extensions, PLAs, remarketing) that it would be hard to effectively manage them all on a daily basis while dealing with other marketing issues,” Ken explains. “If I or a member of my team had to do this work, it would take much longer and probably not be done as well.”

The Solution: WordStream's "We Do it For You" Solution

For these reasons, Ken decided to entrust Bulk Candy’s PPC efforts to the paid search experts of WordStream’s Managed Services team.

The first aspect of the service that Ken found particularly appealing was the fact that the entirety of his PPC efforts would be managed by a dedicated AdWords-certified account manager supported by a team of experienced paid search analysts. The second was that he would be kept up to date with his campaign’s progress during regular performance reporting calls.

“I’ve learned a lot about how far we can go,” Ken says. “When I review the reports, I like to see where we are and where we can go from here.”

The Results: 5x the Conversions

Improving the performance of a PPC campaign takes time, effort and dedication – all of which WordStream’s Managed Services team brings to each and every account. Although paid search accounted for just one part of Bulk Candy’s overall traffic, it wasn’t long before Ken began to see the difference.

Prior to becoming a WordStream Managed Services client, Ken was averaging around 30 conversions per week. Just six weeks after allowing WordStream’s Managed Services experts to manage his PPC campaigns, Ken’s total account conversions increased almost five-fold to more than 140 conversions – an improvement of 486%.

 wordstream agency case study bar graph showing increase in conversions since using wordstream advisor

“We laid out some ROI goals in the beginning. Thankfully, we have reached and then beat them several times and are now looking towards even higher goals,” says Ken. “I’m confident that my paid search account is in the right hands because WordStream is transparent and I can see the results.”

To learn more about how WordStream can help you achieve your paid search goals, contact our Managed Services team today.

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