Call Tracking FAQ


What is Call Tracking?

WordStream’s AdWords Call Tracking uses Unique Phone Numbers to track calls from customers who find your business through PPC. Once set up, you’ll have amazing insight into exactly which keywords and text ads are resulting in phone calls to your business. Here is a quick look of how call tracking works!

Is this product available in all countries?

This product is currently available for business phone numbers in the United States and Canada. If you are an overseas advertising agency with a client in the United States or Canada, we would be happy to assist you. If you are an agency in the US or Canada with a client overseas, unfortunately we cannot accommodate you at this time.

How do I set up Call Tracking?

You’ll need to do three things:

1) Provide us with your business phone number
2) Add the javascript to your website
3) Add the tracking parameter to the destination URLs in your PPC ads

You’ll find more details on each of these steps below: 

1. Provide us with your business phone number. At this time, we can only direct calls to a single phone number. Pick the number that you want to use to collect leads or sales. If you already have a phone number prominently displayed on your website or landing pages, pick that one.

2. Add the javascript to your website You can place the code on just one or on multiple pages of your website. If placing on one page, be sure to put the code inside the body tags. If you use an “include file” to include other javascript on multiple pages, you can place our code at the end of your other code in the “include file.” WordStream’s Call Tracking product will only work if your phone number appears on your website in some sort of text format. If your phone number is an image (or included in a larger image), javascript will not be able to find it.

3. Add the tracking parameter to your destination URLs. Our tracking parameter can be placed on any destination URLs in AdWords or Bing. We recommend that you add the parameter to all destination URLs throughout your account. But if you choose to only track one ad group or one campaign, you only need to make the changes in those places. If you use keyword-level destination URLs, don’t forget to change those, too.

How do I insert the tracking parameter?

Tracking parameters can be added to the end of any website address without affecting the page that loads for the visitor. Add the parameter to the end of the URL following a question mark, like this:



Once you’ve separated the URL from the first parameter with a question mark, you can add other parameters with an ampersand, like this:



During the set-up process, we’ll give you the parameter (formatted with a question mark) for you to copy and paste at the end of your destination URLs. If you already have tracking parameters on your URLs, change the question mark to an ampersand after pasting.

Where should I implement my new destination URLs?

You should add this parameter to any destination URLs that are pointing to a landing page where you’ve also installed the javascript code.

Why am I hearing “WordStream” when I answer the phone?

What you’re hearing is the “whisper” feature of WordStream’s Call Tracking. Use this feature if you wish to be notified when you’re receiving a phone call that’s being tracked by WordStream. To turn this feature off, visit the Call Tracking Settings page within your WordStream profile. (Changes may take up to two hours to take effect.)

Will I ever get to see a list of the Unique Tracking Phone Numbers that are used on my site?

No. While the Unique Tracking Numbers are reserved specifically for you, it’s important that they not be used on any permanent basis or in any other context. Usage outside the context of WordStream’s Call Tracking will result in corrupted attribution data or lost customers.

What call information will WordStream provide and where will I see it?

Call tracking is tracking your calls down to the keyword level, WordStream will be tracking this information in the Leads tab which can be found in the Landing Pages & Leads section of the software. The information that will be provided is the number from which someone called, the keyword they came in off of, and the match type that Google used to match a query to your keyword.